Local Beauty Products I Stocked Up On Before Migrating

Local Beauty Products I Stocked Up On Before Migrating

And recently released beauty products I can’t wait to get my hands on



I’ve never been very good at packing for vacations. I wouldn’t consider myself a chronic over-packer by any means—I always manage to bring just enough to get me by—but it does take me an eternity to finally settle on which clothes, shoes and electronics to bring. But see, that’s not even where the real challenge lies. It’s the beauty products that I truly struggle to narrow down. 


Level with me here: my stash used to occupy a decently sized medicine cabinet, the compartment below my sink and a trolley shelf in my bedroom—and that was excluding my makeup. The constant influx of beauty PR and Shopee purchases made the already laborious task of packing for a trip even more excruciating. 


Imagine my struggle, then, when it was time to pack for a trip with no return ticket.



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Thankfully, I had a considerable amount of time to think about the beauty products that would land a coveted spot in my (nearly overweight) luggage. I made good use of the weeks leading up to my departure by identifying a few certified essentials that I wouldn’t be able to get my hands on until my next visit home.


I tested products, shortlisted my faves and restocked my stash accordingly. Here are the local beauty products that I made sure to stock up on before moving halfway across the world:


Beauty Products from Issy & Co. Hydragloss


I’ve been swearing by Issy & Co.’s releases since they introduced the wildly popular Active Skin Tint into the world, but the Hydragloss holds a special spot in my heart. This product and its deliciously juicy formula waltzed into my life after a particularly traumatic bout with lip eczema. Virtually every lip product I swiped on would cause a negative reaction, but the Hydragloss committed no such crime.


Fragrance-free, enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and infused with soothing Jojoba Seed Oil, this stuff was exactly what I needed then—and continues to be my favorite lip product in sub-zero Canadian weather. My favorite shade is Baywatch, but I keep a tube of the clear shade, Surf, on my side table for one last kiss of hydration before bed.


Get your fix of Issy & Co.’s Hydragloss (P299), available on Shopee.


Colourette Colourglaze


No one does Filipino-friendly shades quite like Colourette, which is a big reason I always circle back to their lip products. They have a pretty sizeable roster, too: classic Colourtints, Colourbalms, Easy Mattes—the list goes on. I’ve tried them all, and through months of consistent use, I unapologetically declare their Colourglaze lip glosses as the winner.


Minty, glassy and thick enough to deposit color in a single swipe, Colourglazes were arguably the gamechanger that brought lip gloss back into the local spotlight. There are only four shades, but quite frankly, they have the bases covered because they’re actually universally flattering. The shade I made sure to stock up on is Sundown, a warm coral-tinged nude.


Shop the Colourglaze (P349) and the rest of Colourette’s arsenal of lip products on Shopee.


Colourette Shimmertint


Ah, yes, yet another Colourette fave. I’ve been using the same tube of Shimmertint for well over a year now, but I made sure to pack an extra in fear of eventually running out. It’s just that good. 


I don’t use highlighters often, but when I do, it’s almost always the Shimmertint in the shade Crystal Prism. It’s blindingly sparkly with a foil-like finish that demands to be seen. Plus, the dimpled doe-foot applicator is perfect for applying just the right amount on my cheeks and nose bridge. A+ all around.


Get Colourette’s Shimmertint (P349) online on Shopee.


Beauty Products from LuxxLash Luna Liner Lashes 


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I can probably count the number of times I’ve used false eyelashes on a single hand, but that didn’t stop me from securing a few extra pairs of LuxxLash’s Luna Liner Lashes. I’ve heard the Tiktok horror stories about western falsies not suiting Asian eye shapes, and I didn’t want to find myself with no good options at the last minute.


The Luna lashes are LuxxLash’s most natural style—perfect for my typically un-lashified eyes. They also adhere to LuxxLash’s adhesive eyeliner, making the much easier to apply than run-of-the-mill falsies.


Shop LuxxLash’s Luna Liner Lashes (P799) online.


Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate


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Pili Ani’s Self-Care Night Recovery Oil is having a moment in the local beauty community, but before that came into the picture, there was their Ageless Concentrate. A blend of pili and elemi oils, this product is nourishing and plumping but dries down lightweight. It’s been my skin’s saving grace throughout the winter—thankfully I have enough to last me all season.


Shop Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate in three sizes—5 mL, 15mL, and 40mL—available on Shopee.


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Since I flew out of NAIA in August 2021, things have only gotten more exciting for the local beauty landscape. Even with Paula’s Choice and Patrick Ta products finally within my reach, I still find myself circling back to local releases, bookmarking new drops that I’ll definitely purchase the next time I’m home.


Here’s what’s on my list:


GRWM Cosmetics Multi-Use Creamy Tint


The brainchild of beauty YouTuber Mae Layug, GRWM Cosmetics has earned the love of local beauty enthusiasts. Now, this product was on the market before I left the Philippines—but in the thick of visa approvals and trip preparations, the release completely flew over my head. Best believe I’m neck-deep in regret now.


Detail Cosmetics Glass Stain


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I’m not exactly sure when Detail Cosmetics became that girl, but this is a glow-up I’m welcoming with open arms. Detail’s recent rebrand has put them on the Instagram map, but based on reviews, it seems their products are definitely pulling their weight. Their roster is promising all around, but I find myself most intrigued by their Glass Stain, which is marketed as a Vitamin E-enriched hydrating serum stain.


Habitude PH Seriously Revitalizing Serum


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Habitude’s vibrant products stand out in a sea of minimalist packaging. Something about the look (and names!) of their offerings takes me straight back to the tropics I miss sorely. The formulations of their products, however, are just as intriguing. 


The Seriously Revitalizing Serum is marketed as a hydrating and anti-aging serum with ingredients like Niacinamide, Seaweed, AHAs and Hyaluronic Acid—all of which my skin drinks right up. It’ll be interesting to see how Habitude expands its line-up, but until then, I’ll be thinking about the day I get to experience their serum first-hand.



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What are your local beauty fail-safes? Tell us which skincare and beauty products you’d stock up on ahead of a major move in the comments below!



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