A Beauty Starter Kit to Consider This 2023

A Beauty Starter Kit to Consider This 2023

Here’s a beauty starter kit that will stay by your side (and on your face) through the new year



2022 provided various ways to elevate one’s look. From siren eyes to clean girl makeup—you name it, we’ve seen (and tried) it all! Honestly though, these are unachievable without a killer beauty starter kit.


Thankfully, 2022 also made way for innovative Filipino brands to step into the limelight. With pride, we gathered seven global-worthy local products that you can consider when assembling your beauty starter kit. We already know you’ll be repurchasing these, so we’re lucky to have found nothing over P1,000.


Happy Skin Second Skin Tinted Moisturizer (P899)

Skincare is an important part of doing your makeup—it’s been said many times for a reason. Luckily, we have the Happy Skin Second Skin Tinted Moisturizer!



Its sheer to buildable coverage can even out your skin and blur imperfections. It’s fortified with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and squalane. Need we say more? It does all of this while protecting your skin with SPF 20. Happy skin indeed!


Shop the Happy Skin Second Skin Tinted Moisturizer on Lazada.


Issy & Co. Active Concealer (P399)

We can see ourselves using the Issy & Co. Active Concealer for years to come. This concealer seamlessly blends into skin. With an impressive range of 24 shades, everyone can surely find the perfect match for their undereye-brightening, blemish-targeting and face-sculpting needs.


In case it gets overwhelming, Issy & Co. thoughtfully prepared The Shade Match Matrix:




Shop the Issy & Co. Active Concealer on Lazada.


Strokes Brow Fixer (P398)

With your long list of things to accomplish in 2023, you’ll need a brow gel that won’t make your brows move as much as you do. Say hello to the Strokes Brow Fixer!



Its dual-sided spoolie can help with a more precise brow shaping, helping you frame your face better. Did we mention it can last for up to 24 hours?


Shop the Strokes Brow Fixer on Lazada.


GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals (P748)

New year, new goals! Bring the GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals with you as you chase yours.



It has four available palettes—Blush, Highlighter, Bronzer and Contour—that can complete your base routine. The best part? The pans are detachable, so you can customize them to your liking!


Shop the GRWM Cosmetics Quad Goals on Lazada.


Detail Cosmetics Lash Maximizer (P249)

The sky's the limit for your dreams and your lashes! The Detail Cosmetics Lash Maximizer is a lengthening mascara that deserves a spot in your beauty starter kit.



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With a slim brush, this mascara can precisely reach each strand of hair, making it quick and easy to apply. There’s no need for you to do that face when applying mascara (you know…the one where your eyebrows reach the middle of your forehead and your lips form an O). Though this was made for lower lashes, they work great on the upper lashes, too.


Shop the Detail Cosmetics Lash Maximizer on Lazada.


Clocheflame Lip Muse (P399)

Clocheflame said it best: the Lip Muse “has the benefits of a lip oil, the softness of a balm and the power of lipstick.”



Being buildable and lightweight, it gives both coverage and comfort. Great if you’re only starting with makeup or if you’ve been doing it long enough to know how important hydrated lips are!


Shop the Clocheflame Lip Muse on Lazada.


Vice Cosmetics Keriboom Boom Pa-Mist (P295)

What good would a look be if it doesn’t last? Good thing the Vice Cosmetics Keriboom Boom Pa-Mist can help you slay all day!



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If you lock in your look with this setting spray, you’ll be all set to go after your goals without worrying about a retouch.


Shop the Vice Cosmetics Keriboom Boom Pa-Mist on Lazada.


Knowing the basics makes it easier to execute the trends you’ve learned and will learn to love! With a beauty starter kit, makeup becomes less intimidating and more exciting. Enjoy the process and own the year!



Words Kyla Villena

Header Meme Credit Peniel Enchill

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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