Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine with These Beauty Tools from The Collective

Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine with These Beauty Tools from The Collective

A naturally contoured face? Yes, please! Here are the beauty tools to shop



We get it, you already have too many steps in your routine. Why add another? Here’s the thing: there’s nothing like a good face massage tool to elevate your skincare routine. Imagine: a naturally contoured face and minimized pores. These are just some benefits beauty tools have for your face! So what’s the hold up? 


Here are tried-and-tested products we highly recommend from beauty e-commerce platform The Collective


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The Collective Cryo-Sticks (P1,500 from P1,705) 

Picture this: you’re nursing a broken heart, and you have an IRL event the next day, maybe even a crucial job interview. To top it off, you did some emotional eating and feel extra bloated. Here’s something to help your face: The Collective’s Cryo-Sticks (because, let’s face it, you can’t spell “cryo-sticks” without “cry”).



This trendy beauty tool is available in two colorways—Sterling and Rose Gold (a personal fave!)—and is crafted to instantly tighten and refresh skin, with the tear-drop silhouette designed to hug the natural contours of your face. 


Pro-tip: put it in the freezer for 15 minutes! The cooling sensation soothes inflammation and reduces redness, releases tension and promotes blood circulation. It feels so luxurious, too! 


The Collective Gua Sha (P1,000 from P1,260)

You’ve probably seen a gua sha on your favorite skinfluencer’s feed—that powerhouse of a beauty tool, which improves circulation and helps lift and firm skin over time. The Collective’s bestselling gua sha is mini in size yet mighty in benefits. Made with antimicrobial stainless steel, you can use it as a pick-me-up anytime of the day—whether you’re bloated from a night out drinking or need something to depuff your under eyes after binge watching episodes of Extraordinary Attorney Woo


And did we mention that you’ll want to keep the case on display?



A pro-tip from our friends over at The Collective: never use a gua sha without a moisturizing agent (like a beauty oil or a cream) since it will tug on dry skin, which can cause further damage. Our must-have at the moment, which is suitable for all skin types, is Pestlo’s Pantherecipe. It’s a lightweight, non-sticky cream that has star ingredients like skin-soothing Panthenol, which speeds up skin regeneration and nourishing ceramides to trap hydration deep within the skin. 


Here are other gua sha pairings you’ll want to check out:



Ready for that extra step? Check out these easy face exercises to complement your routine. 



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