From Gemini Hair to Grunge Glam, Here Are Beauty Trends Reigning in 2023

From Gemini Hair to Grunge Glam, Here Are Beauty Trends Reigning in 2023

Make room for these defining beauty trends in 2023



Soft gothic glamour, bleached brows, glazed donut skin and more—2022 served beauty trends we’re quite hesitant to leave behind. As we enter the new year, we’re noting skincare, makeup and hair trends—both new and old—worth introducing to one’s routine.


For beauty enthusiasts and professionals, here are defining beauty trends to get inspiration from, for the year ahead.


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Beauty on a budget

With many re-evaluating their spending habits amid a global inflation, consumers still believe that beauty products are essential for that frequent dopamine boost. As the cost of living increases, price-conscious enthusiasts turn to hyper-tasking hybrid products that save not only time but money, replacing multi-step routines.


Dupe culture has also been in demand, largely driven by beauty influencers who provide budget-friendly substitute products for luxury cult favorites. Apps like Brandefy recommend alternatives to popular products, too.


Skinimalism…is still in

The clean girl aesthetic dominated our feeds in 2022, and it seems to be carrying over to the new year. Ever since the pandemic, skinimalism has been a force to be reckoned with, as our routines have drastically changed at home. But let’s face it, this isn’t exactly a resurgence of sorts. From “glass skin” when K-beauty had its boom a few years back to “glazed donut skin” thanks to Hailey Bieber’s Rhode, beauty experts just give “hydrated, healthy skin” a trendy name, which sticks.



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We’re going back to the basics, highlighting a simplified and uncomplicated approach to beauty.  And this year, we’re obsessing over products like tinted moisturizers, face oils and lip treatments.



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Micro makeover

Pinterest predicts everything micro to reign in 2023—from barely-there micro bangs to short stiletto nails. Euphoria’s Alexa Demie and 2022 breakout star Taylor Russell rock the trend, as seen on celebrity makeup artist Kali Kennedy’s Instagram.



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Grunge glam

Jenna Ortega AKA Wednesday reintroduced the grunge glam aesthetic many thanks to the darkly funny, top-rating Netflix series. This time, we’re no longer just thinking of a pale complexion and a vampy lip. An updated version highlights a rich smoky eye paired with a muted lip color.



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From a polarizing TikTok makeup trend like “sleepy eyes,” also resembling “raccoon eyes” AKA what happens when you don’t double cleanse, there are many ways to incorporate soft grunge glam into your beauty routine.



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Gemini hair

Geminis are passionately curious and known to constantly juggle between things. This accessible two-tone dye job is a non-traditional way to express one’s self, beyond just makeup (and definitely even with a mask on).



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You may have already seen this contrasting hair combo on Dua Lipa during her Future Nostalgia days, but the rest of the world is catching on. This scene-stealing trend works well with natural and bold hues. Gemini hair is also such a great conversation starter!


Need more creative hair ideas to ring in the new year? Here are non-committal bleach ‘dos as done by your favorite K-pop idols.


Copper hair

It seems like we’re not bidding farewell to the 2022 hair color of the year—copper—sported by celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Sydney Sweeney and Emma Chamberlain.



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This ultra-flattering auburn hue is highly requested because of its versatility on many skin tones, whether you’re going for a full-on dye or highlights. Because of the many tone options available, it’s never one-size-fits-all.



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What 2023 beauty trend are you incorporating into your routine? Leave it in the comments below!



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