Anastasia Soare’s Guide to Success and the Best Brows Ever

Anastasia Soare’s Guide to Success and the Best Brows Ever

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When you think of Anastasia Beverly Hills, you think of brows. The Brow Wiz, an ultra-slim, retractable eyebrow pencil mimicking fine hair, has just about set the standard for brow products. Beauty enthusiasts and beginners alike have made it the benchmark for natural-looking brows, and rightfully so.


Recently, the global brand held its first-ever Asia-Pacific media event, which gathered members of the press for a once-in-a-lifetime brow masterclass with founder and CEO, Anastasia Soare, and her daughter and current president of the brand, Claudia Norvina Soare. Their thrust on perfecting the brand's digital presence through the years—yes, even way before than millennial it brand Glossier—has catapulted them into one of the biggest global beauty brands ever


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An Immigrant's Story

As an immigrant, Anastasia moved to the United States from Romania without any financial means or language skills. The self-made entrepreneur “leveraged a fierce resolve and education in art and architecture to fuel her entrepreneurial vision and unique approach to beauty,” becoming an aesthetician before introducing a “brow-shaping” service—later on patented as the “Golden Ratio” method—to her loyal clientele.


Anastasia Soare's Guide to Success and the Best Brows Ever


She perfected the technique of shaping people’s brows according to their bone structure, which catapulted the beauty founder from Hollywood celebrity status to a household name (many thanks, too, to an Oprah interview-cum-makeover in 2014). Early on for her celebrity clients, Anastasia began mixing vaseline and brow products to create a pomade, that is now the holy grail Brow Pomade.


In 2007, Anastasia Beverly Hills was introduced to Sephora. She later transitioned to a completely different landscape of beauty (see: YouTube and Instagram). Social media platforms became effective vehicles to grow and strengthen the brand. Now on its 28th year, the brand has become a disruptive one-stop-shop, creating a legacy in multiple categories.


Tips & Tricks 

For the “Queen of Brows,” perfecting your brows is simply creating a perfect arch that follows your natural bone structure. Introducing the Golden Ratio Technique, the universal eyebrow shaping technique that when applied directly to the face creates aesthetic harmony. Watch the tutorial here.


Anastasia Soare's Guide to Success and the Best Brows Ever


In our brief masterclass, she heroed the recently released Brow Pen, a reformulation of a 2001 release. The product details the look of hair strokes; technology wasn't advanced then so they revisited the product. It's best for filling in over-tweezed brows, empty spots and in-between hairs for that perfect, natural look. It's a multitasking product that can help you narrow down layers of unnecessary products. Some tips from Anastasia herself: Start towards the highest part and use upward strokes. Don’t press too hard or you’ll get too much product; otherwise, use a spoolie to diffuse and even blend using a Q-tip.


She also highlighted one of the brow products from the Spring 2021 Collection, the Brow Freeze Brow Styling Wax, their innovative solution to the uber-trendy Brow Soap mimicking its effect but this time, it actually lasts. It's a universal, clear brow styling wax that creates feathery, whimsical and fluffy brows, ensured to set for the rest of the day (I can attest to this!) It's also great for Asian hair, with growth being downward. Anastasia highly recommends using the Brow Freeze, then perfecting the look with hair-like strokes using the Brow Pen.


Spring Collection 2021

In the video call, Anastasia and Claudia introduced the other Spring 2021 Collection releases: the Iced Out Highlighter Pressed Powder for a multi-dimensional shine that is designed to look like second skin and the perfect clear lip glosses that appear wet and glassy, with an added pearl to it, the Diamond Lip Gloss and Crystal Lip Gloss.




If there's one thing Anastasia Soare stands for, it's that beauty is all about balance and proportion, not perfection. Her brow empire may have taken 30 or so years to establish, but it was identifying this need in her industry—great brows—that's propelled her into becoming one of the greatest female entrepreneurs who has ever lived.



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