Welcome to ‘Get Real With Me:’ A New No-Holds-Barred Beauty Series

Welcome to ‘Get Real With Me:’ A New No-Holds-Barred Beauty Series

Get real and not just ready––Wonder’s new YouTube beauty series leaves more room for real talk



If you’ve grown a little skeptical about beauty content over the years, that’s a fair feeling. It could just as well be that you’ve become more mindful about your media consumption; but either way, it pays to abide by the rule of thumb. Take everything you see on the internet with a grain of salt.


With beauty (and an industry with no problem playing up its smoke and mirrors), this rule especially applies. It often needs to be rebroadcasted time and again, too.


In our experience, what put things into perspective is how easy it is to buy into a new endorsement by a bankable personality. The tendency is we do not instinctively factor in other things such as likely regular beauty treatments or access to a nutritionist or an even more elaborate beauty routine behind the scenes. Again, smoke and mirrors. And it’s here––between things that are not disclosed and beauty philosophies that are oversimplified, unintentionally or otherwise––where we want to steer the conversation in another direction.


This is Get Real With Me, a spin on the get-ready-with-me format that makes more room for real talk about skin issues, beauty insecurities and makeup mistakes among other things. Hang back for skincare routines and makeup tutorials, sure, but also expect honest, candid takes on the not-one-size-fits-all beauty journey.

Leila Alcasid’s Morning Skincare and Skin-Focused Makeup Routine

Singer and influencer Leila Alcasid shares her everyday, girl-on-the-go makeup look while talking skincare essentials, struggling with acne, and social media versus real life.

Actress Alexa Miro’s Day-to-Date Night Makeup Look

A Girl + A Guy star Alexa Miro shares her everyday makeup routine and then transitions her look into her go-to for date night.

Model Xandro Miguell Shares His Everyday ‘Budol’ Makeup Routine

Androgynous model Xandro Miguell goes through his step-by-step guide to easy everyday makeup: from achieving a subtle, natural-looking contour to faking a golden-hour glow.

Makeup Artist Ida Siasoco’s Guide to a Graphic Liner Look

Ida Siasoco takes us through her colorful graphic eye look (she had us at “a little light in a dark world”) while giving us a glimpse of her journey as an artist.

Dora Dorado on His PM Skincare Routine, the Road to Clear Skin and Beauty Procedures

Content creator and radio host Dora Dorado talks boy beauty, consulting a dermatologist and getting non-invasive beauty procedures.


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