Issy & Co. Debuts Skincare for Cool Folks, Skincare for All


December 1, 2021
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The expansive Issy & Co. skincare collection features six hardworking products to suit your personal needs 



I’d like to think we have the same hours in a day as the team behind homegrown brand Issy & Co., but with one all-star collection release after another this 2021, I’m having serious doubts. From an extension of the brand’s bestselling Skin On The Go collection highlighting a more inclusive range, to the Brow Precison Pen for better-than-ever brows, and the Hydragloss, a hybrid lip oil-cum-lip treatment, among others. 


They’re not yet done! Before the year ends, the local brand beloved by beauty enthusiasts and professionals alike, has released their debut skincare collection, featuring six hardworking products to suit your skin’s personal needs. Issy & Co.’s philosophy stays the same—their skincare line promises an inclusive, beginner-friendly, easy-to-use approach, making the experience fuss-free for all folks.


Whether you prefer a multi-step skincare routine or approach your daily regimen with minimalism, there’s a product made for you. Introducing Issy & Co.’s Skincare for Cool Folks collection.


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Issy & Co. Cleansing Butter in Calming Melt and Nourishing Melt (P549)


Issy & Co. has made an affordable, fast-melting, do-it-all balm that works as hard as you do! The Cleansing Butter (P549) breaks down stubborn makeup and water-resistant sunscreen, plus removes dirt and other surface impurities, and even purifies skin to give it a thorough cleanse. It’s available in two variants: Nourishing Melt for people with normal skin types and Calming Melt for those with sensitive skin. Use it as the first step of your double cleanse, before your water-based cleanser! 


Issy & Co. Booster Serum in Refining & Clarifying Drops, Multi-Nourishing Drops (P599)


Introducing Issy & Co.’s hybrid product, the Booster Serum (P599), to complement the brand’s extensive makeup line. Simplify your skincare routine with a nourishing serum (apply after your toner!), which can be layered before makeup application. It’s available in four variants, too!


The Refining & Clarifying Drops contain grapeseed oil and licorice root extract that help minimize blemishes and improve skin texture. The Multi-Nourishing Drops are formulated with superstar ingredient extracts, like the edelweiss flower, sea daffodil and seawater algae, combined with key active ingredients to fully recharge skin and give it antioxidant protection. The Hydrating & Soothing Drops are infused with a powerful combination of beta-glucan, peptides and gold, leaving skin fresh and supple. Meanwhile, the Serum Balancing Drops have lactic acid, kaolin clay and zinc gluconate, to help keep excess oil at bay.


Pro-tip: You can even layer the Booster Serums together! There’s no limit to its use—add a few drops to your concealer for a skin-perfecting tinted serum, or even to a cream blush for a skin-flattering liquid serum blush.


Issy & Co. Booster Serum in Sebum Balancing Drops, Hydrating & Soothing Drops (P599)


The new collection is a gift to Issy & Co.’s loyal consumers. Joel Andrade, co-founder and creative director, shares, “Our new collection, Skincare for Cool Folks, is like our love language to you—a gentle reminder that it’s cool to care for yourself and your skin, and everyone should have access to easy-to-use skincare products to do so.”


All skin is different! Issy & Co.’s all-new products have been developed to suit your personal needs. Upgrade your routine with the Cleansing Butter and Booster Serum exclusively available on Shopee and Lazada.



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Photos Issy & Co.

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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