Spruce Up Your Self-Care Game with These Curated Boxes from Glow Skin Clinic

Spruce Up Your Self-Care Game with These Curated Boxes from Glow Skin Clinic

ft. homegrown brands Restock and Bucky's 

At this point in quarantine, self-care no longer feels frivolous; we're deeming it essential.

Way back in August for International Self-Care Day, we heard it straight from the medical professionals: self-care isn't selfish. With the biggest health crisis we're facing in this lifetime, taking small, nurturing steps towards your holistic well-being is crucial. Creating boundaries between your personal life and work life and taking mental health breaks are some musts during this period.

We're no strangers to Glow Skin Clinic, a Manila-favorite dermatology skin clinic “that believes premium pampering can be practical.” This season, they've partnered with local businesses Restock and Bucky's to remind their audience to squeeze in some self-care. We definitely still advise against going outside—except to carry out essential tasks—so Glow Skin Clinic is bringing the pampering straight to your doorsteps.

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Celebrate self-care with these thoughtfully curated boxes: the Morning Glow (Bucky's) and Midday Glow (Restock). These are brimming with treats and do-it-yourself curiosities from Glow Skin Clinic and their partners. Want your very own Glow x Restock and Glow x Bucky's self-care packages? The full giveaway details on Glow Skin Clinic's Instagram page.

After three years of having closed down their brick and mortar store at Guijo Street in Makati, Restock is now back online, reborn as a cloud kitchen serving good coffee and cookies. And while we can't get baked goods through walk-ins at our favorite coffee shops (we miss you, Toby's!), Bucky's is available for delivery online.

Header Photo Glow Skin Clinic

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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