Wonder Beauty Counter: November Is All About Holiday Essentials—At-Home Edition

Wonder Beauty Counter: November Is All About Holiday Essentials—At-Home Edition

Dramatic makeup picks because why not, tools to undo the damage from all that swiping and swatching, and our top-shelf in personal care

And just like that it’s Christmas! Technically, not yet, but you know what we mean…We’re looking forward to seeing and spending more time with family and friends, albeit online for the most part. But we’ll take it!

So for all the merry-making we’ll be doing, be it virtual or IRL, we’re encouraging everyone (ourselves included!) to make the effort to put on something nice, to wear some color and to take better care of themselves. Herewith, our picks in makeup, skincare and personal care—and just in time for 11.11!

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Maybelline SUPERSTAY MATTE INK Coffee Edition

Don’t just drink your coffee, wear it too

Coming in five coffee-inspired nude shades that work with almost all skin tones (and looks great on morenas), Maybelline comes out with lippies named after many of our favorite caffeinated beverages. Meet Chai Genius, Hazelnut Hypnotizer, Caramel Collector, Cocoa Connoisseur and Mocha Inventor. The colors aren’t just coffee-inspired, they smell like them, too!

Wear it to your next Zoom meeting or underneath that mask and face shield when you go out for errands (don’t worry, it’s quick drying and transfer-proof) just because. 

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All five shades retail for P299. Get yours on Lazada.

NIVEA Extra Whitening Body Lotion

For a bright and merry November

Quarantine giving you dull-looking skin? NIVEA’s Extra Whitening Body Lotion might just be the answer to your woes. It contains a blend of brightening ingredients, like 95% pure Vitamin C, which gives skin a radiant boost. It also has Super Skin Food complex unique to NIVEA Body lotion that nourishes skin with Camu Camu and Acerola Cherry, allowing for better absorption of the product. Best of all, it protects skin from harmful UV rays with its UVA and UVB filters. 

Brightens, protects and repairs skin? We’ll say yes to that.


#KeepItCleene and then some

Cleene has been a household name for decades. Best known for its cotton and paper products, the personal care brand has since expanded to baby care, facial care and skincare, too.

But we want to bring it back to Cleene’s line of cotton products and the range it delivers. For all your basic needs, there’s Cleene Cotton Balls and Cotton Roll. Both absorb liquid faster than synthetic fibers, and are purified and bleached with environment-friendly, non-chlorine agents, making it safe for skin, medical and general use. 

Need cosmetic grade cotton? Cleene’s Facial Cotton Rounds is your best bet. Made from high quality pure cotton, it's lint-free and has a bigger surface area best used for makeup removal and cosmetic applications. Should you want to go extra with your cotton pads, there’s Cleene’s Oval Cotton Pads, which come in three variants, Classic, Sweet Almond and Aloe Vera. Last but not least is the Japanese-inspired Yuki Yuki line, which is from cotton woven by water energy, making it extra soft, smooth and lint-free to the touch.

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Cleene is available on Lazada and in Mercury Drugstores, leading chain drug stores and supermarkets and other retail stores near you.

Love K-Derma

More glowing skin solutions 

Hot on the heels of Love K-Derma’s successful launch, the beauty brand released two new state-of-the-art skincare solutions perfect for addressing skin woes around the face and eyes. Introducing the LED Face Lift Wand and LED Eye Lift Wand.

Similar to the LED Light Mask, the LED Face Lift Wand is equipped with seven light modes that address specific skin concerns, as well as promotes the production of collagen and elastin. It’s also equipped with Electromagnetic Stimulation and RF to maximize lifting and tightening. With regular use, results include reduced fine lines and wrinkles, improved facial contour and brighter skin. Pro tip: this wand is best paired with Love K-Derma’s Glass Skin Activating Gel used prior to treatment.

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Meanwhile, for those looking to treat dark circles, puffiness and early signs of aging, the LED Eye Lift Wand might just be the solution. Featuring two light modes, red for wrinkles and dark circles, and blue for relieving puffy eyes, this wand also has a vibration feature that increases the absorption of your chosen product (like Love K-Derma’s Cloudless Eye Cream) pre-treatment. 

Per usual, finish your self-care session with Gold Glow Serum, packed with real gold, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C for brighter, glowing skin.

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And just in time for the holidays, Love K-Derma is offering the Serum Wonderland gift set. From November 10, shoppers get a free limited edition pouch when they avail of the full range of Love K-Derma Skin Care line: Gold Glow Serum, Glass Skin Activating Gel, Hydro Bright Moisturizer, and Cloudless Eye Cream for only P2999. Check out and follow @lovekderma on Instagram for more information.

Have something to add to the list? Let us know in the comments!

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