How You Can Have A Built-in Spotlight On Your Face

How You Can Have A Built-in Spotlight On Your Face


March 11, 2019
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Because everyone you and I know covet a lit-from-within glow



Oftentimes at shoots, I hear photographers tell models or cover stars, ‘chin up/ chin down,’ ‘try to catch the light with your face.’ And what difference good or professional lighting makes. Anybody—and I mean anybody—can look amazing under lit circumstances, yes, pun intended. Now if only we can all walk around with a spotlight shining on our faces…


But since we can’t, there is another way to get extra-glowy, moist-looking skin: highlighters. It isn’t new, many makeup brands today carry a line of highlighting kits but one thing’s for sure, the shine is here to stay. Why? Because our generation is obsessed with health (read: skincare) and highlighters have the ability to make us look like we broke a sweat running a few kilometers or frolicked under the morning sun resulting in a healthy wash of tan. I swear, everytime I dab on highlighter above my cheekbones, on my nose bridge and a little bit on my forehead, cupid’s bow and chin, I’m told I look “effervescent”—their words, not mine.


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In a sea of highlighter palettes, this month, we’re putting the spotlight on Benefit’s Cheekleaders Bronze Squad Cheek Palette, a new limited-edition cheek palette featuring the all-new Hoola Caramel medium-deep bronzer and Cookie golden pearl highlighter—exclusively found here! It also includes cult-favorites, Hoola matte bronzer, CORALista coral-pink blush and Gold Rush warm nectar blush. Here’s a before-and-after of me wearing little to no makeup and then a sun-kissed flush care of CORALista with a light dusting of Cookie all over my face. The difference below:



Wearing Gimme Brow brow mascara and The POREfessional face primer


Note: Use Cookie sparingly; you’ll only need a little to brighten up your face


But for a warmer, just-came-from-the-beach glow, keep the natural coral flush and swipe of highlighter on the highest points of your face but finish with a healthy pop of Gold Rush on the apples of your cheeks and cheekbones. It’s a look that makes skin look like you’ve just emerged from the sea (even if your photo was taken indoors, under fluorescent lights past 6PM).



Wearing Gimme Brow brow mascara and The POREfessional face primer



Note: Gold Rush looks super natural, so layer to your heart’s content and don’t be afraid to dab a little of it on your lips, too



Wear either looks during the day, for work, casual weekends and definitely at the beach but do add some lip color  and a brush of mascara if you’re going to wear this look at night.


The options are honestly almost infinite, but there are only few palettes out there that deliver color and a dialed-up natural sheen that results in a glowy you (choose wisely!).


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Benefit’s Cheekleaders Cheek Palette is also available in Pink Squad. Shop it at your nearest Benefit boutique or via Sephora, Zalora & BeautyMNL.



Art and inner photos Alexandra Lara

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