A Benefit Cosmetics Brow Invasion + Some Brow Notes From The Master

A Benefit Cosmetics Brow Invasion + Some Brow Notes From The Master

With and from our local NBA Astrud Celina Fernandez



On September 3, 2018, Benefit Cosmetics took over the Wonder Headquarters for a welcome Benefit Brow Invasion. They set up a waxing booth, some chairs, gave a quick presentation and got to working on skillfully framing our faces. But more than the services and the ready-to-buy products, it’s the workshop and learnings we really took with us—after all, we can’t get our faces professionally done every day… can we?



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At the head of the room was National Brow Artist Astrud Celina Fernandez, who also gave us the must-follows and the never-dos.


The Must-Follows


  1. Don’t try to follow someone else’s eyebrow shape for the simple fact that your face is not the same as theirs. Yes, Lily Collins can pull off the full brow and it looks breathtaking on her, but your features might not handle it quite as well.


  1. So, find the correct shape that complements your facial features instead. In the Benefit Cosmetics world, they call this Brow Mapping. Basically, it helps you know where to start, arc and end.


Step 1: Mark the beginning of brow by measuring straight up from the dimple of the nose. This creates a slimming effect.

Step 2: To mark the arch, start a line at the dimple of your nose and follow to the middle of your pupil while staring straight ahead. Once you hit the brow, mark where the arch should be. Doing this gives maximum lift to the eye area.

Step 3: For the end of the brow, go from the dimple of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. This step helps ensure a balanced brow and an eye-opening effect.


  1. Once the marking points are in place, fill the spaces and create the shape that’s yours and yours only!


The Never-Dos


  1. Use a lighter shade of product than your brows naturally are.


Using a lighter product only washes out the face and makes you look older than you actually are. Besides, once you notice that the product doesn’t match your natural hair, you’ll keep piling it on in the hopes of darkening it, but you’ll only be left with a clumpy and cakey mess.


  1. Drawing on too-short brows.


When you draw your brows too far from each other (AKA not starting where you should), you’re making your nose look flat. Moreover, your forehead becomes more prominent (which is only bad if you don’t want it to be).


  1. Over-plucking and over-shaving.


You might think you can always just grow the hair back, but damaging your hair follicles might affect your re-growth. You don’t want to be stuck with 90’s brows, right?




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And one last thing: Your brows are not twins. Let them be sisters. Let them be cousins!



Art Alexandra Lara

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