Björk Stuns in Custom Alessandro Michele In Her New Meditative Song, “Ovule”

Björk Stuns in Custom Alessandro Michele In Her New Meditative Song, “Ovule”

The musical visionary reunites with Gucci’s Creative Director



Everyone knows Björk for her out-of-this-world experimental and avant-garde pop music. But with a career spanning four decades, a mesmerizing voice and larger-than-life aesthetic, there’s no predicting what she’ll do next. While many remember the influential singer because of her polarizing swan dress, Björk’s fashion is an extension of her art and vision and, therefore, cannot be boxed. Recently, her aesthetic consists of unconventional shapes and silhouettes and an abundance of ruffles. She’s never seen without some sort of headpiece or face covering that goes with each outfit.


This style philosophy extends to Björk’s recent release, the meditative Ovule, another single from her upcoming 10th album, Fossora. The song acts as the singer’s definition of love. “It is a meditation about us as lovers walking around this world,” she writes in an Instagram post. “I imagine two spheres or satellites following us around, one above us that represents ideal love [and] one below us representing the shadows of love. We, ourselves, walk around in the third sphere of real love—where the everyday, Monday-morning meet-in-the-kitchen-love lives in.”



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The music video accompanying the cosmic Ovule features two stunning gowns from Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele. With descriptive lyrics about “dark, blood-red void,” the first dress replicates the almost-vivid imagery. Pleated organza sleeves with crystal trimmings whirl and billow around a red latex body suit. The skirt also features sequined fringes that flow into a train that forms a flower-like shape to create a dramatic crimson number. As seen in Gucci’s short trailer, directed by Tommaso Arnaldi, the house’s designers poured a lot of dedication and care into constructing the godly dress.


Ovule isn’t the first creative output by both artistic visionaries. Their creative dialogue first began with Björk’s 2017 release called The Gate, where the singer transports us into a hallucinogenic world. In an Instagram post, Gucci recounts that the dress utilized PVC iridescent strips, PVC plastic and pleated lurex organza to mimic a prism and add jellyfish curls and tendrils. For this dress, Alessandro Michele needed a total of 870 hours of work to construct gown and embroider jewels onto the piece. The dress and its accompanying headpieces made it to Gucci’s 2018 exhibition of Gucci Garden.



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The dresses of Ovule and The Gate draw in many parallelisms, such as the shape the train forms at the end of the gown and the notable use of pleated organza. While there’s no statement or reason behind such elements recurring in both creations, it’s highly likely that this could slowly become a trademark of Gucci-For-Björk.


While both music videos need the help of CGI to bring certain visions to life, nothing compares to the effect brought by high-level craftsmanship. The natural swirls and shapes enhancing each of the wearer’s movement is difficult to replicate, which makes this creation worth celebrating.


Watch how Gucci’s House artisans brought this gown to life:




Banner Photo Nick Knight and Gucci

Art Alexandra Lara

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