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October 5, 2019
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Introducing Blythe by Careline’s Hyper Cosmic collection

When I first caught wind of Andrea Brillantes’ makeup collaboration with Careline, needless to say, I was thrilled. While I’m not the most updated with the starlets and bigwigs of local showbiz, I definitely knew of the full-browed, young actress who goes by @blythe. I knew of her soft spot for BLACKPINK, of her unmatched ability to sport an ultra-saturated blush look, and of course, her affinity for makeup. And when someone who knows and loves makeup collaborates with a local fave beauty brand––well, that’s always a good reason to be excited.

When Careline sent us a whopping 30-something samples of the entire Blythe by Careline Hyper Cosmic collection to test out, the excitement tripled.


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Ahead, two of Wonder’s resident beauty lovers test out the Blythe by Careline products and weigh in: which products are worth keeping? Which would you be better off skipping?

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Cessi’s Take
Oily-combination skin type, medium complexion

Right from the get-go, it was clear that this line had its fair share of plusses: the extremely friendly price point, the cute packaging, the daring edge to include punchy shades like deep blue, a brooding purple hue and unapologetic orange. It’s makeup like this, affordably priced and hinged on the idea of experimenting instead of pursuing perfection, that puts the fun back into beauty.

Over one weekend, I took the products out for a spin with two looks: one subtly sparkly look centered on a violet lip, and a dewy, summery look that aimed to say, “Me? Blushing? No, my cheeks are this flushed all the time!”

If our past cover with IV of Spades is any indication, it’s no secret that I’m a big glitter enthusiast. It was, therefore, no surprise that I loved the Starlight Eyes liquid shadows. Weighing in at less than P200 a pop, these tubes of ultra-shimmery shadows sure hold their own: they blend easily out easily but once dry, they don’t smudge, budge or crack––not even at the hands of my oily eyelids (a rare, commendable feat, I tell you!).

The selection of shades makes it all the more lovely: there’s Cassiopeia (a soft, metallic rose), Lynx (a warm, yellow gold) and Pegasus (a soft bronze).

Alongside the Starlight Eyes, the Perfect Brow Trio is another favorite. Extremely functional, it’s a pencil, powder and brow tint all packed into a single, space-saving stick. Anyone who has had to deal with the consequences of packing three or four separate products for their eyebrows alone would know how important this all-in-one aspect can be, so this one’s a solid recommendation for those who love convenience. When applied, it becomes clear that the brow pencil is on the soft side, but that’s a flaw well made up for by the powder, the brow tint and the skinny tint applicator that gets all the fine hairs well coated. The brows produced by this trio also put up a pretty good fight against sweat and humidity, which has earned it a sure seat in my bag of grab-and-go makeup.

The Cloud Tint (P195) is a runner-up. I was met with a few immediate downsides: a narrow shade range, a sticky formula, a noticeable difference in the color promised on the boxes and the actual product (make sure to swatch before you buy!). Despite the red flags, I found that the pigment blended easily, painting the apples of my cheeks in a just-right saturation that reminded me of, yes, Andrea Brillantes’ signature “drunk blush.” Sporting the tint for an entire afternoon proved the Cloud Tint had more to offer: lasting color and a lightweight, barely-there feeling.

We promised honesty, so a word of advice: skip the lipstick. In an attempt to stray from my usual pinks and brownish reds, I took the leap and opted to sport the Majestic Matte Lipstick in Vixen (P165), a moody purple shade. Suffice it to say that even with its modest price point taken into consideration, it was a let-down.

The lipstick applied like a tint in stick form: thin and completely without the promised matte finish. Not even an hour into wearing it, I found that my lips had gone patchy, color clumping up in an archipelagic arrangement of disappointment. There are plenty of reasons to love this collection, but the lipstick isn’t one of them.

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Elisa’s Take
Dry skin type, tan complexion


Overall thoughts on collection: it’s a lot of multi-functional products that would work best for beginners. Would commend the brand for getting ahead of the local beauty market with the roster of playful, innovative products—perfect for their young, beauty-obsessed market.

I’ve been testing out Starlight Eyes (P195) ever since the collection came out. It reminds me of a less pigmented version of Stila’s Liquid Eye Shadows. I love how it doesn’t clump up! I personally don’t use a transition shade, I just spread it out with my pointer finger, and it’s fixed for the whole day. I’ve been using Pegasus every day for the past three weeks; I’ve stopped using other products altogether. It’s perfect for tamad, on-the-go days. It doesn’t smudge, either!

Some products, like the Face Palette (P245)—would have been better individually. The eyeshadow palette would have worked on its own without the cheek product (which honestly felt and looked like toy makeup).

The Stellar Satin Lips (P165) slip on the lips, to a fault, and it has very little pigmentation. I’m more impressed with the multi-use Cloud Tints (P195), which can be used for the lips, cheeks and eyes. With just one swipe, it already covers my lips (and I have very pigmented, dark lips)––although I’ll admit some colors are too similar to each other.

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The Verdict

There’s no question about it: the Starlight Eyes shimmer eyeshadows and and Cloud Tint are among the high-flyers of this collection. If you find yourself itching to try this collab out, let these two products be your entry point.

Also promising is the handy Perfect Brow Trio, which delivers on its promise of convenience and longevity. The Brow Trio also comes in three practical shades: Graphite (greyish black), Comet (warm brown) and Meteor (cool brown).

As for the lipstick, both the Majestic Matte and Stellar Satin Lips are little cosmetic athletes in the way they run and slip right off the lips. If you’re after long-lasting, non-patchy makeup, consider looking elsewhere––but if you’re looking to dip your toes into daring lip colors for the first time, you’ll find that the tint-like application of the Blythe by Careline lipsticks might be that first push you need.

Shop Blythe by Careline online via Careline’s official Lazada page, or get a first swatch in person at one of the brand’s physical locations. Keep up with fresh releases from the brand by following Blythe by Careline on Instagram!

Art Alexandra Lara

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