Bras Over Shirts and Other IDGAF Styling Tips

Bras Over Shirts and Other IDGAF Styling Tips

Because you should be able to wear whatever you want, whenever you want to



On a trip to Australia in early 2006, I bought a leather newsboy cap from a street side shop. There I was, ten years old and ecstatic about my purchase, when my family started laughing and making remarks about my supposedly Britney Spears-esque fashion choice. I tried not to let it get to me, but I never put that hat on after that trip.


That is, until I came across it recently, pushed to the very back of one of my hat storage spaces (I can never seem to keep them all in one place). It’s a little worn out now––faux leather softened by time and age, the inner folds of it peeling slowly––but I put it on and wore it out for a day. I felt pretty freaking powerful.


That’s the key word: power.


Fashion is a transformative force. I spent the entirety of college knowing I liked clothes, but only going as far as wishing I could wear certain things instead of actually putting them on. It was only years later, when I finally fleshed out a sense of style, that I finally found myself brave enough to gravitate towards the pieces I wanted to buy and wear––opinions and self-doubt be damned.


It’s safe to say I haven’t looked back since. Whether it’s my ridiculously oversized blazers or an unexpected flash of skin that I choose to sport for the day, I do so because I want to. I’ve never felt more like myself.


In celebration of this no-fucks-given attitude (a timely tribute, too, given that we’re celebrating the spirit of the nasty woman all March long), we at Wonder have rounded up a few simple yet head-turning styling tips that are meant to steal looks, provoke, liberate.


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Wear your unders, over


It’s called underwear because it’s meant to be worn under your clothes, but who established that rule in the first place anyway? Mix up the layers and sport a lace bralette over a t-shirt to turn a casual look sultry or a printed bikini top over a button-down blouse for some flair.


Bigger is better


Nothing looks quite as good as a well-tailored outfit––except maybe one that’s deliberately supersized. Go big or go home with too-large blazers or a pair of ultra baggy pants cinched at the waist.


Identity crisis


On days you can’t quite decide what to wear, the answer is simple: you don’t have to choose between that utility jacket, your favorite pleated skirt and that pair of show-stopping metallic boots. Take a little bit of everything at once––even if it means raising a few eyebrows in the process.


Good day, good night


We’re not just talking silky shirts and dainty prints. Take comfort outdoors by styling your pajama coordinates and nightgowns with a pair of chunky sneakers or refine the look with strappy, pointed-toe heels.


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