Local Designers and Talents Turn Heads at BYS Fashion Week

Local Designers and Talents Turn Heads at BYS Fashion Week

BYS Fashion Week not only celebrates the brand’s 10-year anniversary, but also uplifts Filipino talent



It’s been a hot minute since BYS Cosmetics reached its 10th anniversary in the Philippines, sealing its decade-long legacy in the beauty industry. Despite the pandemic becoming a paralyzing period for the industry, the brand managed to pull through with amazing milestones in 2022. This year became their beast after launching brand new products, using their platform to push advocacies close to many, and even introducing fresh initiatives for BYS Cosmetics. So to celebrate, the brand pulled out all stops and launched BYS Fashion Week.


After all, the beauty and fashion industries overlap more often than not as media for self-expression. An immaculate beat isn’t just a makeup look for validation; a thoroughly planned outfit isn’t just for show. These communicate your personality and characteristics—a philosophy BYS Philippines exhibited through the nine different presentations in BYS Fashion Week.



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From October 6 to 8, nine local designers showcased their creations in three separate locations: Shooting Gallery in Makati, Maybank Theater in BGC and Green Sun Makati. With muses in all shapes, sizes, personalities and expressions, as well as collections breaking boundaries, BYS Fashion Week became a celebration of freedom. Here, local designers and talent turn heads with stunning pieces and struts.


Day 1

Russell Villafuerte and Randolf Clothing show off their sustainable collections made with upcycled materials. From Russell Villafuerte’s standout sneaker corsets to RJ Santos’ embroidered barongs, the collections stunned the audience. Drag queens Minty Fresh and Naia also walked the runway.



Meanwhile, Cheetah Rivera and Jaz Cerezo played with the concept of glam with their presentations. Cheetah Rivera’s floral dream wonderland features romantic silhouettes and flowy materials to replicate the alluring beauty in bloom. Jaz Cerezo, however, takes the daring route of sensual glamour in her collection. Inspired by Michaelangelo’s The Original Sin and The Expulsion from Paradise painting in the Sistine Chapel, the pieces feature snakeskin prints, body-hugging pieces and elements that mimic the tantalizing coils of a serpent.



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Day 2

BYS Cosmetics’ main campaign, Break Your Stigma, focuses on the importance of mental health. On day two of BYS Fashion Week, Kaye Morales, a fellow advocate, presented Unchained. The collection features rebellious pieces that give off her signature grunge touch, from distressed denim, metal spikes and chains offset by gleaming, glittery embellishments. Arci Muñoz and Drag Playhouse PH founders Marina Summers, Eva Le Queen, Prince and OV Cunt stood as muses for the show.


On the brighter side, JustBonita brought disco to the runway for a euphoric collection. The pieces celebrate Bonita Penarada’s main style philosophy: to make the wearers feel their sexiest, featuring bedazzled sheer tops, body-hugging corsets and form-fitting dresses. Model Jessica Yang closed the show.



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Day 3

Issa Pressman introduces her eponymous brand, I S S A, to the runway. Known for its signature scarves (as loved by Keiko Foxx), the collection features versatile pieces that also appear as wearable art. Of course, sisterly love takes the runway as Yassi Pressman closed the show.



For the last two shows of the event, Cruz MNL and Thian Rodriguez took us to the streets where self-expression became an art form. For his first runway show, Kyle Cruz of Cruz MNL reimagines closet staples such as oversized suits and bikinis with unique materials and asymmetrical cuts.


Meanwhile, Thian Rodriguez used differently textured and patterned textiles, bringing them together through intricate patchwork and steel hardware. Nadine Lustre closed the show.



But that’s not the only surprise waiting at the end of BYS Fashion Week! BYS Cosmetics also introduced one of the hottest K-pop boy groups as their newest endorsers, ENHYPEN. The seven-piece act is another memorable name in their long list of ambassadors, along with the likes of Park Seo-jun, Hwang In-Youp and Han So-Hee. Filipino Engenes can anticipate more material with the boys soon.


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Through BYS Fashion Week, the brand has not only managed to showcase what local talent can do. But it has also represented its advocacies that all tie to one philosophy: the freedom to be yourself, whether it’s through creating new things or playing with boundaries.



Photos BYS Cosmetics

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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