My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities

My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities

Who knew we’d see our childhood shoes styled by Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid and other celebrities?



Remember those shoes you used to wear every day as a kid? The ones with sunken soles, adorned with stains and scratches all over—yes, you remember the ones! Whether they were your most comfortable pair or those that went with all the clothes you owned, you always found yourself gravitating toward them. And for that, they’ll forever hold a special place in your heart and even play a part in what makes up your identity today. So it’s a bit of a surprise when you catch your favorite celebrities rocking the very shoes you grew up wearing.


Get ready for a trip down memory lane as we take a look at how these celebrities styled our childhood shoes!


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Taylor Swift’s Mary Janes

This one goes out to all the school uniform girlies


My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities


If you came from a high school that requires uniforms, you know how seriously everyone took their shoe game. Shopping for the perfect pair from the back-to-school sale pile was on everyone’s to-do lists, and it was almost like a fashion show on the first day of school, everyone eager to see who bagged the title for “Best Mary Janes” for the rest of the school year. But just when you thought wearing Mary Janes was over after high school, Taylor Swift brings back the classic silhouette with a chic twist. Styling her caramel G.H. Bass Fisherman Mary Janes with the foolproof denim skort and white top combo, she kicks it up a notch with her signature red lip and a cute summer purse to finish off the look. Effortless and timeless, we know who’s bringing home the title of “Best Mary Janes” this time. 


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Emily Ratajkowski’s Vans

Never forget your emo, sk8er-girl era


My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities


Vans ruled the world when all we ever wanted was a Penny Board for Christmas. Known as the perfect shoe to break and scuff up, the Vans Classic Sneaker was a pair that every teen owned at one point in their life. It’s the shoe that has seen us transition from our emo phase to our skater-girl stage, but will it also see the light of day in our clean-girl aesthetic era? Looks like it’s a yes as we watch Emily Ratajkowski do just that. Styling her Vans Classic Sneakers with beige cargo pants and a summer staple white tank top, she perfectly juxtaposes street-wear elements with a chic choice of accessories. If we were ever to return to our skater-girl era, this look would definitely have a spot on our Tumblr feeds.


Naomi Watts’ Espadrilles

A summer vacation essential


My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities


As you pack your bags for your family trip to the beach (because that's never a bad idea), never forget your espadrille sandals. Whether you owned the wedge heels, platforms or flats version, you knew for a fact that it was the perfect pair of shoes to take with you on a trip! Naomi Watts is on the same boat with her smart-casual take on her own pair of espadrille sandals. Matching a black blazer with baggy blue denim jeans, she takes her Steve Madden Espadrille Platform Sandals out for a walk with her dog on the streets of NYC. 


Gigi Hadid’s Hiking Sandals

A piece from your camping days


My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities


Camping trips and nature hikes are always a great excuse to dress down and get dirty. Of course, our trusty hiking sandals were heaven-sent for these kinds of activities; and it looks like Gigi Hadid understood the same magic when going out and about, too. As she celebrated her 28th birthday at Disney World, she wore a pair of hiking sandals for maximum comfort as she explored the theme park. Paired with a fully pink ensemble—from eyewear to the accent colors on her sandals and socks—she pretty much rocked the nostalgic look we probably wore at one point in our childhood. 


Zoe Kravitz’s Thong Slippers

Your go-to stylish “tsinelas”


My Childhood Shoes Styled by These Celebrities


It’s midnight and your family craves ice cream, but of course, you won’t leave the house in your pambahay slippers. So you throw on your most stylish pair of tsinelas over your pajamas just in case you run into friends on your sneaky snack trip. If this memory remains vivid in your mind, you might find Zoe Kravitz’s look a little nostalgic. She pairs her elevated thong slippers with baggy trousers, a white tee and an oversized trench coat, then finishes off the look with a pair of sunnies and a cup of coffee in hand. Fresh and chic, we’re taking notes to breathe life back into our stylish pair of tsinelas!


The once polarizing idea of seeing your childhood shoes come back into the trend cycle is now a reality, and it isn’t looking too bad! 



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Macky Arquilla


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