A Chinos Appreciation Post: Revisiting How Comfy These Classics Are With Levi’s


September 29, 2021
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Had us at “the sweatpants of chinos”



The rules of quarantine style haven’t changed so much, and for that, we’re grateful. We’re not quite ready to give up the ease that came with loungewear or daster dressing, but alas, we also know that outside clothes must make their way back on our rotation. 


Along with looking into pieces for the long haul (like these denim silhouettes we’re pretty sure will outlive trends), we’re on the lookout for the comfiest versions of literally all wardrobe staples at this point. And in the chino department, we’ve found them in Levi’s® XX Chino EZ Tapers.



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In Levi’s case, it makes perfect sense that it heads in this direction: Our favorite denim brand making our potential new favorite chinos means it figures its expertise on form and function into the slouchier, more relaxed XX Chino EZ Taper. 


Basically, what we’re looking at are the sweatpants of chinos, so you can imagine how that appeals to us at a time where we’d like to hang on to comfier styling a little bit longer. What’s great to point out, too, is how deceptive these trousers could be. They come with a full elastic waist much like traditional sweats, but the pant itself features the same soft cotton twill of the dressier-looking chino. It also comes with a relaxed, tapered leg for a universally flattering fit: breathable and relaxed yet falls just right.


XX Chino EZ III in “Picante,” ₱2,199.50

XX Chino EZ III in “Gray Flannel,” ₱2,199.50

XX Chino EZ III in “Haystack,” ₱2,199.50



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So here we are contemplating the resurgence of the chino and sorting out which color to shop first. Join us, won’t you? The new releases are now available online.


For the latest news and updates, meanwhile, you can follow Levi’s on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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