Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud


October 27, 2021
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A bleach virgin tries out Colourette’s Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud, the homegrown brand’s foray into the hair category



Bleaching my thick and straight mid-length hair never really entered my mind, even in quarantine wherein we have the freedom to approach beauty differently. Beauty trends are aplenty, like ungroomed brows, bare skin, long locks and do-it-yourself treatments. 


My hesitation to submit my hair to such a chemical hair dye technique is justified upon reading horror stories on inevitable hair damage. My very low-maintenance, fuss-free hair care routine also only includes the occasional permanent box hair dye every three months or so. (I’ve recently fallen in love with mise en scène Hello Bubble Hair Dye many thanks to BLACKPINK). But after years of the same hair color ranging from jet black to a reddish-brown, I felt an upgrade was essential, and Colourette paved the way for me to stray out of my comfort zone. 

Before anything else, if your tolerance for pain is very low, skip the bleach and just go for a temporary dye job. Bleach hurts like a mother, and I just don’t have it in me to sugarcoat this reality. It’s gonna feel like your scalp is *burning* but, at some point, you get numbed to it. Still, I’d like to think the temporary discomfort is worth it in the end!


Colourette’s Game-Changing Duo

Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud
Colourette’s hair care package for my mane character moment 


Introducing the game-changing duo for your mane character moment: Bleach Cloud (P599), a foolproof hair-lightening kit that lifts and lightens hair color up to three to four levels in one go, and Sky Dye (P599), a nourishing semi-permanent hair dye available in eight bold, out-of-this-world shades. Choose from Aurora (emerald green), Scorpio (twilight red), Rocket (cobalt blue), Space Girl (sunset pink), Phoenix (fiery orange), Ultra Violet (grape soda), Orbit (vibrant berry) and Moon (silver cloud). The pair is perfect for a drastic hair change post-quarantine or just in time for Halloween!


Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud

A guide to Colourette’s Sky Dye (available in eight out-of-this-world, vibrant shades)


The Colourette Sky Dye is safe and moisturizing, leaves hair shiny and vivid, and is said to last four to six weeks with no streaking or bleeding. I also have to mention the sweet Coconut scent that can last for days! As an avid fan of the color pink and Leni Robredo supporter, I had to choose Space Girl, described as a “sunset pink.”


This, of course, would only work with the Colourette Bleach Cloud Hair Lightening Kit to be used beforehand for a brighter, more pigmented effect. The kit includes 30 volume developer and powder bleach, with a free Colourette bowl, brush and a pair of gloves. I would also have to commend the brand’s take on inclusivity, with the box including an instruction manual written in different Filipino dialects (making rounds on social media). 


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Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud

A guide to Colourette’s Bleach Cloud, a foolproof hair lightening kit


The Process

I would be lying if I said that I did this myself, but the entire process of bleaching then dyeing my hair a pastel pink was so daunting that I had to call for help. My best friend, Timoune, who has bleached her hair more times than we both can keep track of, patiently helped and educated me on the intimidating science behind the process. 


As somebody with no experience with hair treatments outside of box dye, a quick instruction manual could not suffice; for the pros, the process seems to be instinctive. Customizing the techniques based on your hair type, hair length and hair care is essential. 


Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud
From left to right: My hair color before applying the Colourette Bleach Cloud; the Colourette Bleach Cloud & Sky Dye unboxed; and my hair after two boxes of the Colourette Bleach Cloud 


Given how *thick* my hair is, I had to use two boxes of the Bleach Cloud to get the desired lightening levela striking blonde that I giddily enjoyed because it made me look more morena. After a quick yet messy shampoo, we then set out to use two boxes of Sky Dye in Space Girl. This was quicker and devoid of *pain*, something I appreciated after that excruciating bleach.    


The Colourette Bleach Cloud + Sky Dye IRL 

After almost four hours to get the finished output, did I achieve a “sunset pink,” as indicated on the guide? Well, not exactly. I did get the unicorn pastel hair color of my dreams—with highlights of pastel pink, lavender and blonde—but many factors were involved. I’ve only had a box dye job about three months ago, this is my first time having a bleach job, and my hair is too thick. I only had two boxes of the dye with me, too, and if I had more, I could have probably evened the color out. 


Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud Test Drive Diaries: Colourette Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud
After two boxes of Colourette’s Sky Dye in Space Girl (and a full face of makeup, because why not?)


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I’m no longer a bleach virgin, and it’s something I can finally tick off my to-do list. This eccentric hair color, thanks to Colourette, has definitely reawakened my love for beauty.  There are more exciting makeup looks I can try out to complement the pastel hair of my dreams. There’s still that misguided “fear,” of course, of people staring at me when I do finally go out and debut the bold color, but why should I care? Truth is, I didn’t realize this would be so empoweringthat I might just actually try the other colors. 


Post-bleach hair care is a different topic altogether, and I’ll get back to you when I’ve figured it out. For a hair professional’s take on bleach and hair dye, read more here



Shop Colourette’s Sky Dye and Bleach Cloud on Shopee and Lazada. 



Photos Elisa Aquino

Photo Guides Colourette Cosmetics

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 


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