Crocs BGC is Here!

Crocs BGC is Here!

And just in time for summer Crocs BGC is here!



ICYMI, Crocs finally opened the doors to their much-awaited concept store in BGC (Crocs BGC) –and just in time for summer!


Twice the size of the original store and this time, built with a unique experience in mind, Crocs welcomes shoppers with the very popular Jibbitz bar, which features over 250 designs. Choose your Jibbitz and fill your blank canvas–in this case, your Crocs–to your heart’s content. (The Super Mario and Pac Man-themed jibbitz are personal favorites!) Aside from Crocs’ wide range of footwear and accessories, the new concept store is maximized via fully stacked displays to make it easier to find the perfect pair for you.


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Whether you’re a long-time fan of the brand or new to the world of Crocs, take your pick from their tropics-perfect footwear, from summer sandals to flips and slides.


Not sure where to start? You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of clogs. Crocs’ lightweight version, beloved by men, women and kids alike, is iconic for its classic silhouette and comfort. Those looking for something new but still familiar can opt for either the Solarized collection or Marbled shoes. The former is all about bright graphics that make it more fun and stylish, while the latter leans towards the personal by making sure no two pairs are the same. How you might ask? Through the new marbled Croslite™ material that creates a colorful effect that makes every shoe unique. 


Crocs BGC



Comfortable, easy and stylish, we can’t wait to see what else Crocs has in store for everyone!



Art Macky Arquilla

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