All The Things You Can Do With Your Denim Jacket

All The Things You Can Do With Your Denim Jacket

A versatile piece everyone needs in their closet



There are a lot of things people say belong in everyone’s closets: A basic white tee, a great-fitting pair of denim jeans, a little black dress and crisp white button down. But for those moments you need to look and feel a little more extra, there’s another staple you should readily have in your arsenal—the denim jacket.


[one-half-first]denim jacket-male

Image via Kickz

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Image via Endorse



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Pair it with something feminine

If you look at the classic, a denim jacket isn’t the most feminine piece of clothing—but people say that opposites attract and the same is true for style.


Image via Blonde Expeditions and Outfit Trends


Tether between masculine and feminine, and don’t let anyone say you can only swing one way.


Let a monochrome outfit breathe

We love an all-black ensemble as much as the next person, but even we have to admit there are times when it looks a little stiff. So throw on a denim jacket of your choice and let the eyes that lay upon you breathe a little deeper.


Image via Gurl, Flaunt and Center, and Ashley Weston


The blue of the denim will give your outfit the perfect break. Easy-peasy.


Casualize something fancy

If you ever looked at op, a dress or a pair of jeans in your closet that you wanted to wear but thought “Oh, but that’s not for today” just because it’s a little dressier than your every day, a denim jacket will save the day. It will bring a casual vibe to any outfit, whether its sequined, floor length or corporate.


Image via Pretty Designs and Nordstrom


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Besides, it means you have more closet rotation.


Dress up something easy

On the other hand, a denim jacket also has this unique ability to dress up a more casual outfit—largely because it looks like you put more effort into your look. Every easily thought part, from the shorts to the plain white tee, is tied together effortlessly.


[one-third-first]denim jacket-casual

Image via Love Of Queen[/one-third-first]

[one-third]denim jacket-casual2

Image via Pinterest[/one-third]

[one-third]denim jacket-casual3

Image via Jo-Lynne Shane[/one-third]


The denim jacket is one quick way to look put together.


Personalize it the eff up

You know what? Make the denim jacket yours—really yours. Iron on your favorite quote, paint on your favorite flower, sew on patches, distress it or bedazzle the shit out of it. The limit does not exist primarily because there isn’t one. The denim jacket is so versatile that you can virtually do no wrong.



Okay, so these samples from Art of Guess are a little extreme. They are, after all, works of Filipino graphic designers, illustrators and mural artists…but you get the idea: No one can tell you you’re wrong because it’s yours.



The summer line of Guess includes some an assortment of feminine florals for women, as well as two-piece sets, flirty dresses and off-the-shoulder tops. The guys, on the other hand, can enjoy a mixture of lightweight button downs and classic denim jeans.



Art Alexandra Lara.

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