Deoproce And Song Kang To Your Skin’s Rescue

Deoproce And Song Kang To Your Skin’s Rescue

We’re about ready to pick up where we left off with some help from a collaboration we didn’t know we needed



After two years of intense changes and new skincare concerns (read: maskne), we’re about ready to pick up where we left off with some help from the many support groups we’ve formed—equipped with tools that help us look and feel our best.


Deoproce combines two of the things that have helped many of us cope during turbulent times: skincare and hallyu. Renewing their partnership with Netflix superstar Song Kang, Deoproce returns to our skin’s rescue with its latest range.


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The Deoproce Green Caviar + Skin Rescue Line, exclusive to the Philippines, features powerhouse ingredients that help address our most common skin woes. Its new formulation, a potent blend of its signature green caviar (packed with Vitamins A and C, Amino, and Omega-3 fatty acids), and Sugar Kelp and Sparkling Water, works hard to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, manage excessive oil and smoothen rough skin. Sugar Kelp in particular is anti-inflammatory and boasts excellent antioxidant properties that help prevent skin aging. Meanwhile Sparkling Water, a Deoproce innovation, gently removes dead skin cells and controls excess sebum production.


Ahead, just some of the hero products from the Deoproce Green Caviar + Skin Rescue line:


Deoproce Skin Rescue Peeling Gel (P790 per 170ml)

Best used on clean, dry skin, this skin-balancing product gently exfoliates to reveal a new you. Apply in circular motions for 30 seconds and you’ll notice dead skin cell residue is formed–proof of its active formulation.


Deoproce And Song Kang To Your Skin’s Rescue


Deoproce Skin Rescue Day and Night Moisturizer (P1,790, 100ml)

A Song Kang skin rescue fave, this hydrating cream is something he can’t leave home without. Light and non-sticky, it can be used day and night (and in this heat) to clear skin of dirt and impurities. It also effectively targets excess sebum while you’re asleep.


Deoproce And Song Kang To Your Skin’s Rescue


The all-new Deoproce range is simple and effective in rescuing us from our skincare concerns. As Song Kang puts it, “It really helps my skin stay balanced and makes my routine easy and not stressful.”


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Available in Watsons and SM Beauty and online on Amorfia. Deoproce is distributed by ZFace Inc., which was founded in 2016. They are the exclusive distributor of Deoproce and Flormar in the Philippines.



Art Matthew Fetalver

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