Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne

Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne

Get to know these tried-and-tested products for acne that work just as hard as you



Acne is just part of our stark reality. It may be caused by genetic influences and a fluctuation of hormones. (Shout out to my PMS-ing girlies!) That is, on top of environmental factors like heat and humidity, which lead to uncontrollable sweating, causing clogged pores. When staying outdoors, skin is more susceptible to dirt, too. Don’t forget insufficient sleep and an imbalanced diet! 


Our relationship with acne as Filipinos has evolved through the years. Myths and superstitions (or in Tagalog, mga pamahiin) about skin have been passed on from one generation to the next without any scientific basis, just like dabbing toothpaste on pimples to cure it. Dare I even mention “menstrual masking,” the controversial trend that went viral on TikTok in 2022? “The good thing nowadays is that skincare information is readily available, so I seldom meet patients with [those types] of concerns,” Dr. Bea Chan-Benavidez, RPh, MD, DPDS tells Wonder in an exclusive interview.  


If you’re struggling with persistent acne, the solution is consistency! And if you’re not seeing any immediate changes, don’t worry; remedying acne doesn’t happen overnight. Dr. Bea points out, “It’s really a process, so you have to be consistent and patient with your skincare regimen because it might take some time before you see the benefits.”


If you’re still building a skincare routine that works just as hard as you, here are dermatologist-recommended products easily available in the market that can help treat and prevent acne.


Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne


Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne


One of the most important steps in keeping your skin healthy is having a daily facial cleanser. And it’s doubly necessary for your nighttime routine to remove debris, plus leftover makeup and sunscreen, from a full day out. Dr. Bea recommends a good cleanser that doesn’t contain harsh actives like the cult favorite Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser—but lather it on your skin gently! “You don’t really have to scrub [the cleanser] vigorously in order to get rid of all the bacteria because, of course, with acne, it’s multifactorial. It can be partly due to your genetics; it can be due to inflammation, which comes from your lifestyle and diet. Bacteria is one of the culprits, too, but it’s not just that,” she shares.


The Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is clinically proven to be gentle on sensitive skin, actively hydrating skin while also cleansing it. We just love its non-stripping, non-drying, pH-balanced formula!


Benzac Spots Treatment (Benzoyl Peroxide)

Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne


Treating acne earlier is a must before it develops complications like acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. For Dr. Bea, spot treatments are meant to be used on an as-needed basis to help reduce inflammation. “I wouldn’t really advise the consumers or patients to rely on them solely. You have to have a solid skincare regimen aside from the spot treatments. But, of course, the spot treatments work, but their function is mainly for emergency purposes…to treat them as they come and go,” she notes.  


The Benzac Spots Treatment is formulated with benzoyl peroxide, which kills 94% of acne-causing bacteria. This effectively treats acne and makes it more difficult for new bacteria to grow. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory ingredient, which helps reduce the swelling and redness around pimples. 


Benzac Microbiome Equaliser

Dermatologist-Recommended Products for Acne


Yes, you still need a moisturizer even if you have oily and acne-prone skin! The Benzac Microbiome Equaliser is a daily facial moisturizer enriched with probiotic-derived technology to help restore the skin’s microbiome, which reduces the appearance of breakouts. A healthy skin microbiome reinforces and strengthens the skin barrier, plus facilitates the absorption of your skincare products.




Stubborn acne can definitely put a damper on one’s spirits, but with the right combination of products, you’ll have healthier skin in no time!


Shop these essential products for acne on Lazada, Shopee, Watsons and Mercury Drug Store.


Benzoyl Peroxide is the generic name of Benzac Spots Treatment. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. For suspected adverse drug reaction, report to the FDA and to Galderma Local Safety Officer at [email protected].



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Art Alexandra Lara

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