This Local Sunscreen Brand Will Convince You to Take On An In-Flight Beauty Routine

This Local Sunscreen Brand Will Convince You to Take On An In-Flight Beauty Routine

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You know the scorchiest time of the year is here when articles such as this make rounds online once again. It’s a little predictable, sure, but recurring PSA’s like this exist for good reason: normal days in the country are hot enough. Summer days, intensified by global warming, are even hotter.


While summertime in the tropics conjures up dreams of vacations, jet setting and beach getaways, it is, likewise, a time to get serious about skincare. More specifically, it’s time to get real about sun protection––way before that plane touches down and definitely long before you get settled at the resort.


Plane rides, it turns out, wreak havoc on the skin. And it’s something sunscreen brand Dermplus is making a point to spread word about. This local label, founded by renowned dermatologist Dr. Vinson Pineda, isn’t resting on the fact that it now boasts the highest SPF formulation in the country; it looks to change the way people take on sun protection: on vacation days and all days.


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What Are We up Against?

As is, the sun’s UVA and UVB rays work double time to cause irreversible damage. Our skin, true enough, already has it tough, but these adverse effects of sun damage are exacerbated further by flying high in the sky. Some seriously bad news for frequent flyers.


Another PSA: going sunscreen-free on flights between 10AM and 3PM, the time when the sun’s rays are most harmful, makes for a slow-creeping skin disaster.



Tailor-Fit Your Sun Protection to Your Activities

For a brand like Dermplus, it’s important to see to it that the bases are covered: a viable option for everyday sun protection (SPF 35), one for outdoor activities (SPF 80) and another for occasions that call for extreme coverage (SPF 130). What’s also guaranteed is a four-star formula rated by European sun protection standards, which makes products from the Dermplus range a sound beauty buy. Price tags won’t break the bank either.



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Now, Some Real Talk About That SPF 130…

The only downside to wearing sunscreen with an SPF as high as 130 is that the Titanium Dioxide in the formula may make your skin appear ashy (we’re talking about the dreaded white cast). Still, this shouldn’t be an issue should your sunscreen go underneath makeup. For this kind of beauty scenario, Dermplus Invisilite is your best bet: it contains SPF 50 and is formulated to be unclockable––virtually untraceable––underneath makeup. Either one is recommended for the intense sun exposure that comes with flying.



Daily Sunscreen Is Vital (So Is Timing Your Application)

It’s best to lather on sunscreen at least an hour before heading outdoors or stepping on the plane for a flight. This gives skin enough time to absorb the UV filters in the product and works to maximize any sun care product’s protective barriers. Reapplication, meanwhile, is recommended every three hours. A little taxing to even think about, but it’s the skin-saving extra mile that makes all the difference.




The obvious step is to get you a sunscreen that literally provides you with a strong, effective barrier. Essentially, this is all that stands between us and premature aging, the appearance of stubborn sun spots and graver issues like skin cancer, suppression of the immune system and eye damage.


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Words Christina Advincula

Art Alexandra Lara


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