We Love Fashion But These Designer Items From The Recent Past Are Just Too Much

We Love Fashion But These Designer Items From The Recent Past Are Just Too Much

Read: ridiculous and ridiculously expensive



Fashion was never meant to be purely practical. It is after all a form of artistic (and political, see: Calvin Klein SS 18) expression, a sign of the times or in some cases, as Time once said, a flight of fancy. And while we admire the creative geniuses behind this generation’s most sought-after labels, we can’t help but wonder, are designer bricks, comforter-style bags and super off-brand wares some kind of pun or brilliant retort to fast fashion’s designer-inspired merch or the counterfeit industry? Who knows…But we’re counting down just some of the most—gasp!—ridiculous and ridiculously expensive designer goods in recent history anyway #justsayin.



Moschino’s Plastic Dry Cleaning Bag Dress, $735

Designer-Items-Moschinovia Fashion Style Mag


I mean we love you, too, Moschino but no. We get this free from the dry cleaners.


These Balenciaga bags

The IKEA dupe, $2,145


This comforter bag, $3,000


We’re fans of the classics, but not these two. IKEA’s carry-all at $1 takes our vote. Does the other one come with a duvet, though?


These Supreme merch

Red brick, $30 to $1,000




So many questions. Can’t decide if it’s a brilliant joke or a just-because kind of thing.


Raf Simons’s duct tape, $200


via Hypebeast


We’re concerned it’s not reusable.


Margiela’s distressed sneakers, $1,425


via The Mercury News


Dogs have done this to our shoes though.


Louis Vuitton Band-aids


via The Fashion Law


Actually, these are kind of cute. Can we still get one?


Hermès’ Skateboard


via Hypebeast


As the ultimate in luxury fashion and lifestyle—think equestrian sports—skateboards are just so off-brand for Hermès.


Nordstrom’s rock with leather case, $85


via Nordstrom


Issa rock. How does it stand on its bottom though, this rock?


Is it art? Is this fashion’s way of taunting or trolling haters and imitators alike? What else could it be??? Whatever it is, we’re not buying…but those LV band-aids though, are they still available??



Art Alexandra Lara


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