Dior Addict Stellar Shine Urges Us to Let the Pink In

Dior Addict Stellar Shine Urges Us to Let the Pink In

Can the new addition to the Dior Addict line counter one writer's aversion to pink?



I'm in a very long-term, committed relationship with my reddish-orange lip products. Watery tints, matte lipsticks, you name it––any color-imparting confection from the makeup realm in a shade that falls in between warm red and muted, burnt orange are bound to be my cup of tea. I have, in fact, been using the same reddish-orange lip tint for literal years now, partially because I like pledging loyalty to a single product and mostly because it's become something of a safety blanket. I know the color works, so I stick to it. Comfort zones and whatnot.


On the opposite end of my comfort spectrum: pink.


Never mind that hardly anything in my closet can be classified as pink (sorry to Christian Dior who famously said a woman must have at least one thing of the color in her wardrobe), but lipstick? Now that's a stretch for me. I have no issues whatsoever flaunting a shimmery, salmon-toned eyeshadow or a generous dusting of the coral high on my cheeks, but pink has just never been a color I've been comfortable sporting on my lips.


Clearly, I need convincing, but Dior's making a pretty firm case for the pink lip with their reformulated Dior Addict Stellar Shine line.



While the line consists of a total of 24 shades, the pinks are easily the stars of the collection. Each shade brings a unique balance of warm and cool, mingling pink with touches of red, coral or purple. The result? A perfect pink for every kind of woman or man.


But the question remains: why go for it in the first place?


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A finish for every personality

We know there are 24 shades, but each shade has its own distinct flavor. For one, there are three finishes featured in the line: luminous Glazed, glitter-hinted Sparkle and metallic Mirror.


8-hour wear, 24-hour hydration

The line claims to have the capacity to clock in long hours, too. Promising around-the-clock hydration and wear that lasts up to 8 hours, retouches will be sparse (or perhaps even unnecessary) with this product.


Buttery texture

I live by the minimalist philosophy that dictates the less products I have in my purse, the better. I've applied this stuff straight onto my chapped lips sans lip balm without any regrets, so the rich texture is easily my favorite thing about the Stellar Shine line. No lie, it glides on like a dream. It combines beeswax and five lightweight oils to create an ultra-nourishing formula to keep the lips not only hydrated––but super soft, too.



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That said, am I ready to spark a full-fledged relationship with pink lips? It's too early to tell. Am I a believer in the promises this product makes? Most definitely.


Dior Addict Stellar Shine is available in all Dior counters and boutiques across the country. Dior is located in SM Aura Premier, SM Makati, Mall of Asia, Shangri-La Plaza, and Rustan's Cebu.



Art Alexandra Lara

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