Diverse Asian Beauty at Farah Models Anniversary Shoot

Diverse Asian Beauty Front and Center at Farah Models Anniversary Shoot


July 27, 2018
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The trailblazing modeling agency turns one



“Modeling is so much more than having a pretty face. It requires a professional attitude, serious training, a good work ethic and the perseverance to power through the unglamorous parts of the job.” These were the wise words shared by modeling agency founder Farah Ramos when Wonder sat down with her in April. The catchup happened around one of the busier times of the year: A lot of her talents were booked for a combination of runway shows, campaign shoots and editorials and there was a lot of jumping from one location to another in order to fulfill projects.


Having walked the same runways, appeared in the same magazines and shot for the same campaigns, this is the kind of hustle Ramos herself knows like the back of her hand. Her wise words, then, were not merely a bunch of mumbo jumbo. She spoke from experience, which turned out to be the invaluable tool she used to navigate through her next venture: her own modeling agency, Farah Models.


One year in and the female-led company has earned its stripes; along with it, the rightful descriptor of most promising modeling agency in the country.


Diverse Asian Beauty Front and Center at Farah Models Anniversary Shoot


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To celebrate the milestone, Farah Models assembled its diverse cast of Asian beauties in an exclusive fashion editorial. The model army, donning creations by Ia Coca, BAGASÁO Studios and Isabelle Allyson, stood at attention for photographer Rap Yu.


“This editorial showcases the collections of designers and the work of teams who believed in us [and supported us through] our first year. Farah Models wouldn’t be possible without the help of the designers, photographers, stylists and makeup artists who [nurtured our models] and let them get to where they are now,” said Ramos.


Diverse Asian Beauty Front and Center at Farah Models Anniversary Shoot


The agency’s sophomore year will, without a doubt, bring brand-new challenges and give the powerhouse team an opportunity to set its sights on new goals. Some things, however, will remain unwavering: like the agency’s mission to bring out the beauty in diversity and to celebrate the individuality of the girls signed on with them.


Diverse Asian Beauty Front and Center at Farah Models Anniversary Shoot



Words Nicole Blanco Ramos and Reins Mika Melitante

Art Alexandra Lara

Produced by Farah Ramos

Photography Rap Yu

Creative Direction and Styling Janno Novenario

Styling Assistants Dan Fernando and Jemore Wilson

Makeup Jhessie Recto (Riona and Emi), Jemore Wilson (Yumi and Eriko) and Daryl Bambilla (Ella and Fenella)

Hairstyling Daryl Bambilla

Models Riona, Emi, Yumi, Eriko, Ella and Fenella (Farah Models)

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