The Divine Divas’ Must-Have Makeup Products & Tips for Drag Queens


February 17, 2023
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Here’s how to get your makeup stage-ready, according to the Divine Divas



If there’s one thing drag queens know how to do flawlessly, it’s their makeup. Being on stage for hours while performing in glamorous ensembles requires a lot of heavy lifting. Want to know which must-have beauty products drag queens swear by? Looking for foolproof tips to prolong makeup wear? Here’s how to make your makeup stage-ready according to Viñas Deluxe, Brigiding and Precious Paula Nicole AKA the Divine Divas. 


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Viñas Deluxe


Makeup tips for drag queens: Primer and good foundation! Kapag good ‘yung base mo talaga, magiging maganda ‘yung kakalabasan niya sa stage. So, invest in good makeup [and skincare] kasi ikaw din ‘yung mag-aani niyan. For example, ‘pag gumamit ka ng fake makeup, haggard ‘yung skin momas mahirap gumanda sa stage. 


(Primer and good foundation! If your base is really good, it will look beautiful on stage. So, invest in good makeup [and skincare] because you’re going to reap the rewards. For example, if you use fake makeup, your skin is haggard—it will be harder to look good on stage.) 


Most used products: Maybelline Superstay Foundation, [oil-based face paint to conceal brows and use as makeup] and any good contour palette…kasi mapisngi ako, eh. So, dahil sa contour kaya nagkakaro’n ng shape ‘yung face ko…I’m using NARS now, ang ganda pang-stage


(Maybelline Superstay Foundation, [oil-based face paint to conceal brows and use as makeup] and any good contour palette…because I’m a bit cheeky. So, because of the contour, my face gets a bit of shape…I’m using NARS now, it’s so good to use on stage!)





Makeup tips for drag queens: Always make sure that your eyes are defined to a certain point that black should be black, especially ‘yung eyeliner mo (your eyeliner)…it really frames the [face] and makes it more expressive. It puts a contrast [between] white ng eyes natin (of our eyes) and the black of our pupils. 


Most used products: Eyelash glue, liquid eyeliner—I really like a very thick graphic liner—and brow pomade. Sa’min sobrang busy (we’re so busy); whatever we find the quickest, that’s [what we use]. It’s how we make it work! And white face paint from Kryolan! It’s what I use under my eyebrows to accentuate my under eye [and use] as a concealer [to cover] my lips.



Precious Paula Nicole 


Makeup tips for drag queens: Before I do my makeup, I [check] sa Google kung ano ‘yung magandang eyeshadow sa’kin for the day, minsan kasi depende sa mood. Minsan nag-me-makeup ako na medyo light lang, hindi kasing [heavy] ng ginawa ko before. It depends on my mood and kung ano i-pe-perform ko.


(Before I do my makeup, I [check] via Google what eyeshadow would look good on me for the day, sometimes it depends on my mood. Sometimes, I put on light makeup that isn’t as [heavy] as what I’ve done before. It depends on my mood and what I’m going to perform.) 


Most used products: Ang kailangan ko lagi Kryolan TV Paint Stick, tapos syempre ‘yung red lipstick—lagi ‘yan kasama sa [go-to products]. Eyeliner kasi kailangan maganda ‘yung kilay. Kailangan talaga pasabog siya!


(I always need Kryolan TV Paint Stick, then red lipstick of course—they're always part of my [go-to products].Eyeliner because my brows need to look good. It really needs to be perfect!)




Which must-have products recommended by The Divine Divas are you copping? 



Photography Renzo Navarro

Art Macky Arquilla


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