Bye-Bye Dry Hair and Hello Gorgeous, Healthy Locks

Bye-Bye Dry Hair and Hello Gorgeous, Healthy Locks

A healthy hair makeover is a DIY mask away



Dullness, frizz, brittleness: when it comes to hair woes, dry tresses are pretty much ground zero. It’s the reason behind unflattering volume and an inclination towards breakage among other visible signs your hair is cravin’ for some hydratin’.


No one is born with dry, damage-prone hair, however. The true culprit is some combination of sun exposure, chemical treatments, frequent heat styling, harsh weather conditions and a suboptimal diet that slowly strips away hair nutrients over time.


While all may seem lost and beyond repair, fret not. DIY hair solutions are here to the rescue. And as the do-it-yourself descriptor there implies, there is no need to shell out for some expensive hair treatment or scour the internet for haircare products with breakthrough formulas. All you need might already be in your kitchen.



Shine On
The wonder ingredient: Avocado
The masking frequency: Once every three weeks

Double down on avocado goodness by blending together fresh avocado fruit and avocado oil. The final ingredient, coconut milk, not only acts as an emulsifier that makes this DIY hair solution easier to spread out, but packs a punch, too: it’s a well-known hair follicle booster.



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The Protein Power Mask
The wonder ingredient: Egg whites
The masking frequency: Once a month

Ah, all that albumen. This protein makes egg whites an excellent source of essential amino acids that can nourish the body––whether through the inside-out or outside-in. For hair, this means stronger, shinier tresses and serious damage repair.



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DIY Beauty Tip: The egg protein mask is one of the most powerful hair masks I have ever done! All you have to do is take raw eggs and whisk them until the yolks and whites are mixed together. I added a (very small) dash of Castor oil for extra nourishment. However, that is not necessary. After that, put the mixture on hair and scalp. Leave in for about 10-20 minutes. WARNING: Too much protein is bad for your hair. Only leave this mask on for 20 minutes maximum. Don't do this mask more than once a month! * * * If you want to switch it up and do a face mask, use only the egg whites. Mix together, and put the paste on your face to tighten pores and even skin tone! #DIY #naturalbeauty #lookgoodfeelgood #castoroil #egghairmask

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Like A Tall Drink of Water
The wonder ingredient: Aloe vera
The masking frequency: Once every two weeks

When Victoria’s Secret’s first Filipina model Kelsey Merritt revealed on Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” that she keeps an aloe vera plant in her bathroom for quick root and scalp treatment, viewers were stumped: perhaps because this garden plant, as common a fixture in the Pinoy household as it is, typically goes unnoticed. Now that it’s on everyone’s radar, beauty guys and gals know to turn to this enzyme-enriched super ingredient for an all-natural conditioning treatment. Why not make like a Kelsey Merritt and spring for your own aloe vera plant?



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Tresses in desperate need of a little TLC, attention and hydration? Time to make your way to the kitchen!



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