Dolly de Leon, A Hollywood Fashionista

Dolly de Leon, A Hollywood Fashionista

We take a deep dive into breakout star Dolly de Leon’s award-winning red-carpet style



This awards season, BAFTA and Golden-Globe nominated actress Dolly de Leon made a bold and declarative style splash on the red carpet that seemed to channel one of her more memorable scenes from Triangle of Sadness—she’s the captain now.


Most actresses hitting the awards-season circuit for the first time default to a good-girl, princess-y aesthetic that is expected of breakout ingenues (think Keira Knightley in 2006 or Lupita Nyong’o in 2014). But Dolly is no ingenue—she is an incredibly talented actress who, decades later, is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Alongside her stylist, LJ Perez, she cultivates a distinctly assertive red-carpet look that sends a very clear message: that she is a confident, self-assured woman who knows exactly how she wants to come across.


Not to be missed is just how much fun Dolly seems to have with her awards-season fashion. Like a true actress, she seems to channel a new character with every outfit: a leather-clad dominatrix in AZ Factory, a wealthy and eccentric society doyenne in Jude Macasinag and a girlish romantic in Miu Miu, among others. What strikes us is how much she genuinely enjoys dressing up for the red carpet, and that sense of enjoyment is definitely contagious.


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Ahead, we run through our favorite Dolly de Leon looks from this past awards season:


Golden Globe Awards

in AZ Factory



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For her first major awards show appearance (and as a Best Supporting Actress nominee, too, no less), Dolly showed up in a ravishing gown that showed off her shoulders, sexy black stilettos and full-length opera gloves—all rendered in black leather. The effect? Sultry high-fashion dominatrix.


Admittedly, this is a look that you either love or hate at first glance. But what we love most about it is how fierce and assertive the whole look comes across. She will definitely not go gentle into that good night.


Golden Globes x Billboard Afterparty

in Del Core



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After the ceremony, Dolly changed into a pale-blue oversized Del Core suit featuring iridescent silver detailing for the afterparty hosted by Billboard. She paired it with stunning David Webb diamond earrings and sky-high Steve Madden platforms for that added oomph.


It’s still bold and declarative, of course, but loose and comfy enough to enjoy a night of much-deserved dancing and partying. We think it’s the perfect outfit to celebrate being the first Filipina actress to be nominated for a Golden Globe.


BAFTA Tea Party

in Martin Bautista



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Showing off her red-carpet range, Dolly arrived at the annual BAFTA Tea Party in a gorgeously draped marigold jersey gown by Martin Bautista. It’s chic and statuesque, but fluid enough to look Studio 54-ready.


This is the perfect example of how well Dolly can switch it up on the red carpet. For now, she’s serving elegance, channeling a young Carole Lombard in her 1930s heyday. We also love how throughout awards season, she chose to champion Filipino designers. Because who else knows how to better drape and add drama to a rather minimalist gown than Martin Bautista?


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Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards

in Prabal Gurung



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Dolly’s performance in Triangle of Sadness garnered much critical acclaim, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association chose her as the year’s Best Supporting Performance (alongside Ke Huy Quan for Everything Everywhere All at Once).


To accept her award, she showed up in a stark-white Prabal Gurung jumpsuit topped with a cropped blazer with killer shoulders. While it is simple and chic, the sharp shoulder and peak lapels balance the fluidity of the jumpsuit, and lend her a very powerful air. It’s an unforgettable look immortalized by this iconic Blanchett x de Leon crossover pic.


Miu Miu Women’s Tales

in Miu Miu



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In February, noted Italian fashion house Miu Miu invited Dolly to speak in their Women’s Tales panel. Alongside actress Samantha Morton and director Isabel Sandoval, she spoke at the Protagonists: On-screen, Off-screen and Behind the Scenes talk, sharing her experiences as an actress in the industry.


For the panel, she donned a polka-dot day dress with puffed sleeves and a bow at the neckline. While the dress is prim, when paired with black-and-white spectator pumps and her bouncy bob, the effect is very girlish and youthful.



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And for the premiere of the Miu Miu Women’s Tales film Eye Two Times Mouth, Dolly showed up in a black shift dress featuring a bejeweled Peter Pan collar. It’s young, preppy and just a little bit edgy—the perfect summation of the Miu Miu brand.


BAFTA Nominees’ Party

in Robert Wun



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How do you keep all eyes on you at a glitzy, star-studded party? You bring the drama, mama! Dolly understands this, and for the BAFTA Nominees’ Party, she showed up in an exuberant, avant-garde pantsuit by the buzzy British couturier Robert Wun.


Featuring an oversized collar and an abundance of pleats and flounces, she looks witchy in the best way possible. Like if Maleficent considered a drastic career change and became a fashion editor.


British Academy Film Awards

in Rajo Laurel



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At the BAFTAs, where she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Dolly (and that’s Dolly D. to you, Ariana DeBose) arrived in a stunning gold gown by Rajo Laurel. Featuring intricate gold beading and a sculptural design, the gown was aptly named Alon, after the ocean waves it takes inspiration from.


Reader, we’d like to remind you to pick your jaw up from the floor. We understand the gaggery though—this is Dolly at her most glamorous and resplendent, the high point of her awards-season style. This is the perfect dress to let everyone know clearly without mincing any words: “I’ve arrived.”


British Vogue x Tiffany & Co. Fashion & Film Party

in Jude Macasinag



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Who says you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion’s sake? Definitely not Dolly. For British Vogue’s Fashion & Film BAFTA afterparty, she channeled her inner Gloria Swanson in a sumptuous denim-and-satin Jude Macasinag coat.


The overall look is giving eccentric socialite in the best way, serving up luxe texture and pattern. Continuing her streak of championing Filipino fashion design, she tapped young designer Jude Macasinag to create this custom ensemble for her. The best part? Inside the coat is a heartwarming embroidered message: “Para kay Dolly (For Dolly).” 


The Academy Awards

in Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini



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At the Oscars, Dolly knew that she was attending the awards show not as a nominee, but as a cast member of Triangle of Sadness. So, she took care to make sure she didn’t take away attention from her castmates, opting to wear a dark Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini suit that may be simple but tailored to perfection.


But lest you think Dolly would dare wear something boring to the Oscars (shudder), she added some much-needed oomph to her look with bright-red half gloves, Manolo Blahnik heels and a Carrie Bradshaw-approved oversized crimson pin. But her best accessory of the night? A blue ribbon on her lapel to express her solidarity #WithRefugees.


Oscars Afterparty

in Peter Do



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And for the Oscars afterparty, Dolly rounds up her awards season red carpet tour in a very cool and chic khaki Peter Do pantsuit reminiscent of the classic trench coat.


Is it the most exciting look she’s worn for her whole awards season run? No. But is it a look that reveals her inner fabulosity and lets her shine through? Definitely. Think of it as the equivalent of Dolly lounging around in something comfortable after a grueling marathon—albeit in this case, it’s a custom Peter Do suit. Keep serving, Tita Dolly.


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What’s your favorite Dolly de Leon look from this year’s awards season? Let us know in the comments!



Words Jer Capacillo

Art Macky Arquila

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