Build A Fit: How To Look Like A Downtown Girl

Build A Fit: How To Look Like A Downtown Girl

Get up, we’re romanticizing life in the city



Wonder’s fashion archives can attest that trends are indeed a circle. Some get phased out only to be dug up and reborn years later. Sometimes, we take parts of different fashion eras and trends to create a brand new style, adding to the ever-so-growing list of “aesthetics,” as Gen Z-ers put it. It’s primarily due to TikTok’s massive userbase transforming into one of the most influential voices in fashion. Last year, the Coconut Girl dominated For You Pages, taking inspo from Aquamarine (2006). Now, we introduce to you the Downtown Girl.


@spacegeek14 If this is ur vibe/ aesthetic can we plss be mutuals, side note I’m obsessed with this song ♡♡ || #downtowngirl #aesthetic #pinterest #fashion #style #taylorswift #lanadelrey #lilyrosedepp #coffee #gilmoregirls #fyp #foryoupage #mutuals ♬ JEALOUS SPED UP – fast audios


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According to Aesthetics Wiki (not exactly the most reliable, but arguably the most informative), the Downtown Girl “revolves around the romanticization of living in downtown New York, especially in Autumn.” While the definition seems broad and a little bit condescending, the key remains in going against the fancy, old money look of the Uptown Girl. Instead, Downtown Girls dress comfortably yet chic. Less on the flair and more on a classic combination, throwing together oversized knits, blue jeans, layering up or even enjoying the freedom of a graphic tee and a midi skirt when the weather gets warmer.


Meanwhile, the color palette predominantly involves neutrals: black, white, navy, denim, cream and tan shades, with a touch of color in the smallest details. If you mix Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls), some elements of the 2014 soft grunge Tumblr era and the timeless off-duty model look, you get a Downtown Girl. What’s cool about the style is that you can easily build it with existing pieces in your closet—it’s just a matter of mixing and matching. This aesthetic takes cues from different fashion eras while leaving its interpretation to the wearer, another reason that makes it entirely inviting.


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Down below, we give you a picture of the Downtown Girl essentials:


Monki Cropped T-Shirt Black (P600)

Monki Cropped T-Shirt White (P600)

Mango Contrasting Knit Sweater (P2,295)

Mango Short Leather-Effect Jacket (P3,995)

Monki Button Up Midi Skirt (P1,500)

H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans (P1,690)

Sony WHCH510 Wireless Headphones (P2,799)

Dr. Martens 8053 Quad Fusion Platforms in Black (P10,490)

Sunnies Studios Bobbi in Ink (P599)


But more than the outfit, a Downtown Girl is almost like a lifestyle or a perspective in life. As suggested by her name, the Downtown Girl spends much of her time in the city. She often walks around with her headphones on and enjoys what the place has to offer. From hole-in-the-wall coffee shops to music stores and quaint little book shops that suck you in—you’ll find her there.


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Perhaps the best thing about the Downtown Girl is the joy in appreciating the little things: your favorite singer, the nice weather and finding more places to explore. While we all can easily get tired of the city, maybe there are just some nooks and spaces we have yet to discover.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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