Every Body: Meet The Inclusive Clothing Brand by Nina Dizon-Cabrera

Every Body: Meet The Inclusive Clothing Brand by Nina Dizon-Cabrera

Meet every, the local brand highlighting inclusive, plus size clothing for all



As someone whose body doesn’t fit the ideal standards, it’s only very recently that I had the confidence to show it off. I did anything—liquified my arms (and most especially, my chest) via Photoshop, never posted full-body photos and covered myself up—that would draw away attention from features I felt deviated from what’s “normal.” It’s only very recently, during the pandemic actually, that I discovered what it is to feel comfortable in my own body, many thanks to an active lifestyle that creates a ripple in everything I do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an ongoing, arduous process—shedding deep-rooted standards cultivated by the media and the many institutions that have raised me all my life. 


True enough, It’s easy to throw out body positivity without really living it out, but not for Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera, a ubiquitous figure in social media—from her role as a Beauty CEO for Colourette Cosmetics and an outspoken “netizen,” drawing accountability from the government in a global crisis. Her very public journey to self-love has manifested into an inclusive clothing brand that embraces Every Body.



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Launched last December, Every Body responds to an overwhelming need for more inclusive clothing locally, with pieces available in 10 sizes. Their first launch, the Feeling Perky Bodysuit (P1,999), hugs your curves in all the right ways and places. This bodysuit is thoughtfully made with high-quality nylon and spandex; it even has a peekaboo cutout to show off the midriff and back. Wear it as a swimsuit, use it as athleisure, or pair it with a casual bottom. It’s even available in three endearing colors: Sherb, Pearl and Cherry!



This January 15, they’re releasing their second drop, the Feeling Cheeky Top and Bottom, available in 10 sizes (2XS-5XL), and we’ve got first dibs! Every Body’s first 2-piece set—made with 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex—features a comfortable, body-hugging halter top and high-waist bottom, available in Jello, Olive and Saddle. Best part is, you can purchase it separately so you can mix and match to your heart’s desires! 


The Feeling Cheeky Top (P1,699) is boob-cradling and collar-bone enhancing, even made with +UPF 50 sun protection for a quick swim or an active run, bike or hike outdoors! Pair with the Feeling Cheeky Bottom (P1,899) that’s quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant so you can stay cheeky all day! 


In an exclusive interview with Wonder, Nina shares the vision behind the set: “In all honesty, I really pushed for the Feeling Cheeky set because it's ME. From the halter top to the high waisted bottoms, it's something that I would really pull out from my closet whenever I want to flaunt my body and just feel sexy.” She adds, “We also did numerous tests [on] multiple prototypes before we went with the final design and measurements as we want it to be functional as well. It's a set you can wear to the pool, to the gym or even when you just want to look cute for the day.”



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Wear your best self with Every Body, never shying away from the unfiltered truth that your body is your own, deserving of love and compassion. 



The Feeling Cheeky Top and Bottom will be available on, January 15. Visit their website here.



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