Achieve the Glass Skin Look With this Easy 5-Step Skincare Routine

Achieve the Glass Skin Look With this Easy 5-Step Skincare Routine

Get the glass skin you’ve always wanted with your favorite products from Face Republic



If you’ve mostly lived in the Philippines, we’re sure you already know too well that in a tropical country like ours, you have to learn how to best keep up with the unpredictable weather changes happening every day.


You might be loading up on your SPF essentials today ‘cause it’s hot and humid out; the next day you’re lathering moisturizer on because skin gets extra dry on cold, rainy days…there’s truly no in-between. With these ever-changing environmental factors and a different skincare routine each time, how will we ever be able to achieve that Korean glass skin we’ve always desired?


The answer lies with a full skincare routine from K-beauty brand, Face Republic! Packed with brightening and glow-giving ingredients that help keep your skin protected, glowing and hydrated–you can still achieve that glass skin look no matter what season (or day) it may be.


Let’s start getting to know them one by one, shall we:


Gold Mineral Cleanser, P399


Up first is the Gold Mineral Cleanser (you know, the kind of gold we can *actually* get behind) that deeply cleanses, gently exfoliates and revives the skin with antioxidants and gold particles. After all, there’s nothing wrong with giving your skin the luxury it deserves 😉


Vita Glow Niacin Toner, P429


After cleansing comes the Vita Glow Niacin Toner, which is fused with vitamins like Vitamin C and B3 to brighten and let the skin glow from inside out. Best part? The toner has a non-sticky texture with a hydrating finish that’s sure to keep your skin looking fresh and supple!


Vita Capsule Luminous Serum, P723


After cleansing and prepping your skin, pat on some of this Vita Capsule Luminous Serum packed with Vitamins B, C and E and jojoba seed oil. Guaranteed to work effectively together, these ingredients will leave your skin with a healthy radiant complexion.


Vita Glow Radiance Cream, P429


Now, time to seal all the goodness in with a reliable moisturizer! The Vita Glow Radiance Cream has a lightweight formulation, 11 Vitamin complex varieties and 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid for that healthy glow and deep hydration. Plus, if you’ve got sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry about using it because it’s formulated absolutely clean!


Glow Screen Sun Gel, P499


Lastly, if you’re heading out (or even staying indoors), don’t forget about sun protection! The Glow Screen Sun Gel has a lightweight SPF and fast absorbing gel consistency that leaves your skin with a non-sticky feeling and an instant radiant glow for days and beyond.


All you need to do is cut that 10-step skincare routine down to five steps, commit to it and trust us–you’ll see your glass skin dreams come to life in no time.


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Words Wilwina Bassig

Art Alexandra Lara

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