We Pray These Fashion Aesthetics Stay This 2024

We Pray These Fashion Aesthetics Stay This 2024

From balletcore to normcore, here’s a rundown of fashion aesthetics we just can’t get enough of



2023 was filled with a whirlwind of different fashion aesthetics. From minimalist quiet luxury to maximalist Barbiecore, we were always ready to pounce on the next style trend our fashion algorithms tossed our way. This is particularly evident in the explosion of random pieces we find in our closets—remnants of mermaidcore from everyone’s The Little Mermaid fixation, threads of yarn when we were obsessed with anything crocheted…you get the picture.


As we’ve traversed both ends of the style spectrum, it’s a miracle that we’re still keeping up, even as the trend cycles keep changing. But as the year ends, it’s a shame we must bid goodbye to some of 2023’s coolest fashion aesthetics. But if it were up to us, we’re praying some fashion aesthetics stay.


Business core

The best of both worlds


Business core took smart casual out on an extended lunch break and swore never to return. What was once known as the boring 9-to-5 uniform is now a reawakened masterpiece of daring silhouettes and fabrics that challenge the status quo of office wear. From silk-textured pencil skirts to leather blazers, business core made grabbing drinks after work much easier—I mean, this aesthetic was practically made for the “work hard, party harder” mindset!




Femininity meets rebellion


Every fashion girlie has, at some point, had a ballet phase—trust us, it’s a canon event. So, it’s no surprise that balletcore took over our algorithms by storm. From the apparent tutus and baby pink pieces to more rebellious forms of the trend found in metallic ballet flats and disheveled leg warmers over tights, this may as well have been the most flexible trend of the year. But why do we love it so much? Its versatility and unconventional representation of ballet—a discipline known for rigidity and precision—change the narrative and put a rebellious twist on an otherwise dainty and delicate art form. Its cool and casual appearance vis-à-vis its usual strict and stoic aesthetic sets free something we’ve been hiding within. Let’s not forget what balletcore taught us as we enter 2024!



Coastal Cowgirl

Coastal grandma meets her yee-haw counterpart


The coastal grandmother has passed the baton to the coastal cowgirl—her younger, more adventurous self. This aesthetic embodies what it means to be young and dreamy, characterized by flowy, lace-detailed white dresses, cowboy hats and matching cowboy boots. This fantasy-like image of carefree frolicking in the open sand is a vibe we welcome with open arms, and the first step to feeling carefree is dressing the part. Maybe that’s the energy we need to embody coming into the new year, too.




Never grows old


An aesthetic that’s still going strong is Y2K style. Branching out into subcategories like mermaidcore and Barbiecore, the Y2K look has grown its influence to the point that it’s almost impossible for a new trend to surface without some Y2K elements. But honestly, we’re not complaining! The aesthetic has served nothing short of breathtaking looks on the runway and the streets, so we’re seated and excited for the new era of Y2K we’re bound to witness in 2024.




Sustainability’s choice


Amidst the loudness of the wackiest, most meme-worthy aesthetics in 2023 arises the quiet leader of the style army: normcore. Defined by its prioritization of functionality over anything else, this aesthetic is what wearable clothes are made of. Think Uniqlo meets every basic bitch’s favorite pair of jeans, and you’ve just mastered the normcore look. Except this time, it’s meant to last. One of normcore’s values is its reusability; it’s one of the most sustainable style trends after all (if we can even call fashion sustainable, but I digress). In any case, seeing normcore grace the runways was a breath of fresh air, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction for fashion in the long haul.



What other fashion aesthetics do you want to see in 2024?



Words Vanessa Tiong

Art Macky Arquilla


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