Fashion Trends That Dominated Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 13

Fashion Trends That Dominated Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival Season 13

Peep the key trends from PMFF Season 13



As Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival went underway last March, we witnessed the participating designers go to town with the collections they debuted on the runways. Vivid colors, muted combinations, unlikely pairings that just work—the 21 designers continued to surprise us at each turn. Each of their unique styles shined through each model that strutted down the stage. 


Nonetheless, overarching fashion trends appeared as they unveiled their creations, piquing our interest in the themes that may dictate Philippine fashion for the rest of the year. We list down the key trends on the PMFF S13 runways up ahead.


Be the best through color-blocking

One of the apparent fashion trends on the PMFF Runways is the abundance of color-blocking, whether through vibrant shades or pastel hues. CAMLU’s Move collection combines different pastel colors in loose and airy silhouettes. Ditta Sandico’s Tropical Paradise collection plays on combining vivid colors while highlighting woven textiles. Meanwhile, Jun Escario reinforces the power suit in the Sara & Akira collection by pairing a vibrant pink dress shirt with a royal violet pantsuit. Even Renan Pacson, who debuted Meta Filipina on the PMFF S13 runway, carries this trend in the virtual presentation by pairing a lush, fuschia top with fiery wide-legged trousers.



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Meet the missing piece

Another recurring fashion trend on the PMFF S13 runways is large patchwork, combining different prints and fabrics to establish a statement. Check out BARBA’s Abelissima, where multiple patterns following a single color come together to create fantastic statement pieces. Next, June Samson Pugat mixes different prints in EOS: An Unfolding New Dawn, using plain material to anchor it all harmoniously. Lastly, Oz Go’s Playground lets blue lead this particular piece. Take a look at the neutral fabric accentuated by blue brushstrokes contrasted by a blue center.



Redefined power-dressing

As the world continues to open up and as we slowly return to our offices, power-dressing continues to dominate as one of the fashion trends springing up on the runway. Daryl Maat’s Youthquake puts a spin on the regular pantsuit for a woven mint green blazer-and-shorts coordinated set. In the same principle, Marc Rancy in Joli Garçon presents a cropped blazer with matching trousers, complementing the outfit with a silk dress shirt tied at the midriff. Next, Kaye Morales’ signature punk rock style meets power-dressing in Nocturne as a studded black corset cinches the structured blazer dress. Lastly, R.A.F. offsets the use of soft fabric by reinforcing them with powerful silhouettes in Modern Naturale (see: wide-legged trousers and a sleeveless blazer).



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Let it flow

PMFF designers have spoken, and we’re embracing free-flowing silhouettes all year long. Whether you’re at the beach or out at a party, loose clothing that follows your every move adds flavor to your wardrobe. AZUCAR shows the Secret of Chic with a flowy white number that steals the show. Accentuated with a golden belt buckle, this makes a great ‘fit for a destination wedding. Up next is ARANAZ with The Weave Play, which takes us by the shore with an airy peach-patterned sundress. Lastly, Emir Yamamoto’s Mogul offers a bright red, floor-length halter gown designed for any formal occasion.


Playing with textures

The best thing about fashion is the opportunity to play, go to town and conjure up unlikely combinations that just work. For this season, one of the evident fashion trends involves exploring texture combinations. 


Kelvin Morales’ Hazard Blue collection explores different experimentations with denim, specifically this denim jacket with plaid patchwork. (Fun fact: this piece appears on our February 2022 cover!) Meanwhile, Lorico’s Speculo brings ribbed knits and smooth leather together for a soft, sleek finish. On the brighter side is Alodia Cecilia, who uses light and sheer fabric for her collection, Seed. She takes these materials and transforms them into ruffles and floral appliqués. Finally, Albert Andrada’s Secrets of Atlantis sees an unexpected pairing: a barong-like inner shirt with a white suit in the same palette.



Bringing fringe back

PMFF S13 fashion trends make a case for all sorts of fringe. Rhett Eala’s Floral Psychedelia channels 20s-era flappers with a floor-length evening gown designed with layers upon layers of frills. S’TOI|C explores another variation of fringe with Skin. Flesh. Raw., especially through knitted nets and sheer material recurring throughout the collection. Azucar brings a different thrill to opulent power-dressing by accentuating this luxurious two-piece with a row of fluffy fringes. Perhaps this is another Secret of Chic?



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Do you have a favorite fashion trend from the PMFF S13 runways? Sound off in the comments below!



Photos Panasonic Manila Fashion Festival

Art Macky Arquilla


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