All the Celebrities Who Broke the Internet During Fashion Week


January 31, 2023
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From faux lion heads to K-pop supremacy, here are memorable Fashion Week moments



The front row at Fashion Week has never been more interesting. Over the years, the power of celebrity really has taken over the FROW for more reasons than one. Talkability and virality are what brands are after these days, and if you pick the right name then you can expect more eyes on your collection. 


Case in point, Jenna Ortega of Wednesday and Jamie Campbell Bower (AKA Vecna of Stranger Things) at YSL earned the collection the top spot in terms of page views for a fashion website. This also marks the return of Saint Laurent’s menswear collection to Paris Fashion Week. So, yes, star power counts when you want the internet to pay attention to the fashion. 


Below, we list down the internet-breaking moments from Fashion Week, all thanks to these celebrities who seem to eat clout for breakfast and breathe out hype by the millions. 


Kylie Jenner and that massive lion head at Schiaparelli

This scene-stealing dress caused quite a stir because people first wondered if it was “real.” But it’s 2023, and we all know that no designer in their right mind would even attempt to taxidermy a real animal or use real fur! Instead, this piece was handcrafted and painstakingly detailed. The designer, Daniel Roseberry, then disclosed that the animal heads were inspired by the creatures in Dante’s Inferno.



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Doja Cat covered in 30,000 Swarovski crystals at Schiaparelli

Doja Cat seems to be enjoying her foray into Couture Week with a look that no one will forget. Since the collection is inspired by Dante Alighieri's Inferno, the singer decided to wear head-to-toe red. The upper half of her body was painted red and covered with 30,000 Swarovski crystals to complete her look.



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Doja Cat wearing falsies as eyebrows and a mustache

Making a statement at Viktor and Rolf, Doja Cat once again proved she isn’t afraid to be different by utilizing falsies as eyebrows and a chic mustache! She even paired her daring beauty look with a sculptured pinstriped suit.



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Jimin at DIOR

The BTS member only needed to wave and look over at the crowd of fans to make the internet go ablaze with fan cams, memes and other types of content. Being the newly appointed global ambassador for the brand definitely got people excited. By the end of the show, Jimin had snaps with David Beckham and fellow DIOR ambassador Robert Pattinson. 



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J-Hope at Paris Fashion Week

The BTS lead dancer enjoyed going to shows like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Hermès decked out in key looks from each brand. The star’s frequency on fashion feeds highlighting snaps by every street style photographer who matters earns him a spot on this list!



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Nepo baby Apple Martin at Chanel

According to an article by The Cut, “Karl Lagerfeld met Apple Martin when she was 4 years old and declared that one day she’d be a Chanel girl.” This year’s Chanel couture show marked “that day” and the 18-year-old Nepo Baby looked every bit like designer Virginie Viard’s vision for the brand in black and white tweed.



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Jisoo at DIOR

The BLACKPINK member is a front row staple at DIOR. But this time, her all-white ensemble caused quite the buzz, it paired with flawless makeup by THE Peter Philips. Her look was impeccable, and the internet seemed to agree because all of Twitter was on fire.



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Timothée Chalamet at Loewe and Jean Paul Gaultier

Wherever Timmy goes, cameras seem to follow. What makes this remarkable is the fact that it's quite unexpected for the star to attend fashion shows (other than that of Haider Ackermann, who coincidentally helmed the collection behind this season's Gaultier), despite being the fashion wonder boy that he is on the red carpet. And then, of course, there’s the fact that he’s the internet’s crush, which means anything and everything he does is talked about online.



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Which celebrity was your favorite at Fashion Week? Leave it in the comments below! 



Words Maura Rodriguez

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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