Accessorize for the Year (and for Keeps) With Mikana

Accessorize for the Year (and for Keeps) With Mikana

accessories that have long-lasting bling that doesn’t break the bank



The hunt for long-lasting jewelry is a tedious and daunting process. It’s rare to find affordable golden accessories that check all the boxes: timeless, non-tarnishing, hypoallergenic and budget-friendly. After all, fast fashion bling has a short lifespan, and these go off to the bin after a few wears. Meanwhile, popular jewelry brands that offer durable options sell them at higher prices, so it’s almost impossible to find that sweet middle spot.


Enter: Japanese brand, Mikana.


Long-lasting and affordable, their products are great options to turn to when planning to accessorize for keeps. Mikana jewelry can last you a long time with the proper care and storage. Plus, their prices are affordable, and they go even lower during sales. 


Ahead, we list down great pieces from Mikana you can cop to accessorize for the year (and for keeps).


Mikana Birthstone 18k Gold Plated Pendant Necklace (P 269)


Mikana kicks off the year with the exclusive launch of their new necklace on Shopee. Wear your birth month proudly all year long with the Mikana Birthstone 18k Gold Plated Necklace. Depending on your birthday (or mood), you can choose from 12 different stones. Two zircon crystals accentuate the pendant, and the adjustable 44-centimeter chain gives enough room for how long or short you can wear it.


Shop the Mikana Birthstone 18k Gold Plated Pendant Necklace on Shopee.


Mikana Charms 18k Gold Plated Honoka Chain Necklace (P139) and Pendant (P200)


Customize your new favorite accessory for below P500! Mikana’s Gold Plated Honoka Chain Necklace is unique and adds a little spice to your regular pieces. The main chain holds up a large golden hoop, while two chains hang from it in two different lengths. Thanks to the varying chains and multiple hoops, the necklace gives the illusion of layered necklaces.


That’s not all! You can also zhuzh it up by adding a dedicated pendant or two on the dangling hoops. You can even choose from nine charms, such as the cosmic moons of Fusae to the bright rays of Kizamu. There’s definitely a charm that fits any personality.



Shop the Mikana Charms 18k Gold Plated Honoka Chain Necklace and Pendant on Shopee.


Discover more amazing accessories on deals and steals during Shopee’s Brands Spotlight Festival until January 31, 2022!


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Art Macky Arquilla


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