5 Females that Rule the Courtside

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Here are five empowering ladies that take courtside fashion to a whole new level



Growing up, I learned to look at basketball as a man’s sport. All the men in my family played it and so did all the boys in my grade school. It took time for me to finally learn that sports knows no gender, but I can’t say the same for everyone else. Now, as I support my university’s teams in their games, I see how that mindset is still widely present. There was a time I inquired about basketball tickets and learned that those for Women’s Basketball cost less than half of the men’s. That pricing, unfortunately, reflects the people’s demand to see and support the games. 


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At this point, there are only two things that I’m sure of. One, we still have a long way to go. Two, creative as they are, women take a certain course of action to make their presence known in the court: fashion. You might think this only supports the stereotype that women are good at getting dressed and being ogled at. But what this really shows is that, while they are waiting for progress in the sports industry, women are capable of still showing up—even in places where people think they don’t belong. I mean, if women don’t belong in the court, then why are people watching them instead of the game?


We love it when women exude confidence and take up space, especially when society tells them not to. With this, here are five females that rule the courtside:



It would be a sin to write this list and not start with Rihanna. She embodies the independence and self-security that a lot of women aspire to have. Rihanna is an OG when it comes to courtside fashion. Her looks from way back are something we’d still wear today—that’s how you know she’s iconic.


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Rihanna looks fresh off the runway, wearing stilettos in the court (photo from Mirror)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

A new hair color as a statement piece? Why the hell not? (photo from Daily Mail)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

She shines even when she’s in head-to-toe black (photo from US Magazine)


Bella Hadid

Clean and comfortable are two words to describe Bella Hadid’s fits. Beyond her animated reactions and genuine support for her favorite teams, we can’t get enough of her OOTDs. Such a courtside cutie!


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Bella’s smile and confidence elevate her look (photo from W Magazine)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Pair your team jacket with a trustworthy hairband, so you don’t miss any of the action (photo from New York Knicks)


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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner has always been open about her obsession with basketball, so her frequent appearances at games is something we usually look forward to! The former cheerleader still has the spirit in her but, this time, without full-beat makeup.


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

We’re loving the contrast between her bold-colored fit and her natural beauty (photo from The New York Times)


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Spot that bejeweled 818 tumbler! (photo from Twitter)


Winnie Harlow

She’s the definition of a woman who’s not afraid to demand attention. Winnie Harlow’s courtside fashion choices look like they belong on the runway! Her signature full body photos on the court tell us that she KNOWS she’s slaying, and we’re not complaining.


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Winnie Harlow makes lace and fur work together (photo from Daily Mail)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Can’t go wrong with a monochromatic look (photo from CelebMafia)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

She, quite literally, looks like the queen of the court (photo from Daily Mail)



Who run the world? Beyoncé, of course. There’s simply no one better to cap off this list! She has been serving us with courtside fashion for two decades now and it’s fascinating to see how much her style has evolved.


5 Females that Rule the Courtside

Can you believe this was taken in ‘03? Us neither (photo from Harper’s Bazaar)

5 Females that Rule the Courtside

This look speaks for itself; we simply have no words (photo from W Magazine)



It’s no secret that there are numerous struggles women face in every industry and even on the daily. But one thing that makes facing these struggles easier is having other women to look up to. It’s about time to wear whatever you want, wherever you want—no matter what.



Words Kyla Villena

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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