Let’s Unpack: We Break Down Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Beauty Looks

Let’s Unpack: We Break Down Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Beauty Looks

Take a peek at the #WonderxGabby beauty moodboard 



When you have the concept of opulence and treating oneself as tent poles for beauty directing a cover shoot, going for metallics or ultra saturated color might seem like the most logical course of action. Maybe it’s the remnants of the last MET Gala still wielding its influence over me, who knows. But when I think of opulence, I think of excess, which makes me think of camp and color and craziness.


It made perfect sense. Too much sense, even, so we took a U-turn.


At the risk of being too predictable, we ditched the textbook interpretation of our May theme in favor of a different kind of luxury. Our beauty looks for the shoot instead communicated a soft, glowing kind of lush. The kind that isn’t overbearing, but still enough to turn heads. The kind that leverages on natural texture and makes you want to cup your cheeks and think, “I want my skin to look that healthy.” Building off this, we conceptualized two makeup looks to play up cover girl Gabby Padilla‘s soft features, enlisted makeup maven Sylvina “Slo” Lopez to do the ideas justice and called it a day. 


Get the Look: Gabby Padilla's Wonder Cover Beauty Get the Look: Gabby Padilla's Wonder Cover Beauty

Snaps from Wonder's cover shoot moodboard


See how these looks came to life up ahead as Slo lets us in on her tips, tricks and the exact products she used on Gabby.


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Wonder: What were your first thoughts upon seeing the beauty direction for the shoot?

Slo: I loved the idea. I'm a big fan of texture in makeup and the brief wanted to highlight a feeling of abundance and luxury through it, so I was really into to exploring that. I was also really excited because I've worked with Gabby before and she's really open to more experimental looks, so knew it would be really fun.


W: What products did you use to achieve the look?

Get the Look: Wonder May 2019 Get the Look: Gabby Padilla's Wonder Cover Beauty


Slo: I used a lot of layering in general. [For the skin], I used the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Liquid Foundation (P2,950), MILK MAKEUP Face Gloss, KRYOLAN Shimmering Event Foundation in the shades Pearl and Gold and THE BALM Mary-Lou Manizer (P1,025). I used SUNNIES FACE Fluffmatte in Vacay and Girl Crush (P345 each) as blush.  


For the second look, to add color and depth, I used the NARS Skin Deep Eye Palette and the COLOURPOP Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette with SUNNIES FACE Fluffmatte (P345) in Hot Sauce on the cheeks. I used a custom gloss mix made up of ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight Hour Cream, J.CAT Sparkling Powder in Tickle me Pink and BENEFIT Posie Tint (P1,900).


W: How did you apply these products? Any tips and tricks?

Slo: Layering thinly and blending the products so they look seamless and really one with the skin is the trick, I would say. I think another one is my general approach of thinking outside the box with how I use products and just looking at things in a more multi-use way.  


W: We all know how tough it can be to get makeup to stay on in the summer heat. Do you have any tips to extend makeup longevity in the summer?

Slo: Dewy looks that use editorial techniques can be hard to make long-wearing. But, one trick is looking for shimmer products that set and dry or are film-formers. This is why illuminating primers are great liquid highlighters. Translucent pigments are a great dupe for a glossy texture because actual gloss tends to travel.


W: You've got something of a reputation as makeup's glitter queen, so there's no one we'd rather ask: what are your favorite ways to work glitter into your makeup looks?

Slo: Awww, thanks. I think I've used glitter almost everywhere on the face and even in pre-made pieces. I've used it as a lazy but very effective way to spice up a look, like by throwing some duochrome glitter over a bare eye, or as a way to give some edge by patting it over a glossy lid and lip. I've also used it as on the brows or as faux freckles. There is no right or wrong when it comes to glitter. Do what your heart tells you, haha.


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If you've got a thing for glitter, gloss and glow, you'll want to keep an eye on Slo's Instagram.


Haven't had a good look at Gabby's full Wonder cover? You're missing out. Come on, get on it.



Cover Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Art Direction Alex Lara

Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Makeup Sylvina Lopez

Hair Mong Amado

Shot on location at The Chroma Studio


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