Sustainability in Beauty: Garnier Partners with Lazada & CORA to Take #OneGreenStep For The Planet

Sustainability in Beauty: Garnier Partners with Lazada & CORA to Take #OneGreenStep For The Planet

Garnier puts sustainability at the heart of the brand 



Garnier Philippines, from the L'Oréal Group of Companies, recognizes that sustainability is not a one-sided ambition. With this in mind, they asked—how does a beauty brand enable consumers to start their own sustainability journey? 


This movement is an inclusive call-to-action, aiming to inspire Filipinos to take one green step for the planet. It kicks off the campaign by partnering with one of the biggest e-commerce groups in the Philippines, Lazada, and non-profit organization CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation).


Adrian Koskas, Garnier Global Brand President, shares in a statement, “As a world’s leading mass-market green beauty brand, we have the opportunity to help create a positive future by leading the way towards sustainable beauty. We are determined to play our part by taking ambitious commitments and catalyzing change in our industry.” 


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Garnier’s Green Parcel   

To advance its commitment to the L’Oréal Group’s sustainability ambitions and continue its strides towards Green Beauty for All, Garnier encourages Filipinos to take responsible action and kickstart their first green step to give our planet a more sustainable future. Starting August 6, all  items on Garnier's LazMall flagship store will be shipped in plastic-free, recyclable and compostable packaging. This Green Parcel uses paper boxes, kraft paper tape and recycled paper wrap, to encourage consumers to reduce their overall packaging footprint and plastic waste. 

Sustainability in Beauty: Garnier Partners with Lazada & CORA to Take #OneGreenStep For The Planet

CORA's Mangrove Rehabilitation Program 

In addition, CORA's inclusive programs, which uplift the most vulnerable via missions that address climate action, plastic pollution and biodiversity conservation, Filipinos can now donate a seedling to the mangrove ecosystem protecting Baybay and Leyte. For every purchase of the Garnier Vitamin C All-Star Kit, you can donate a mangrove seedling to support the mangrove plantation project called WoMangrove Warriors. Since launching the program last June, about 1,200 mangrove seedlings have been donated. All this, while getting your glow on! 


Track the progress of Garnier and CORA's partnership here.


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Help Garnier transition to a more sustainable world by reducing your impact. What's your one green step?


Join the Green Movement now and start your sustainability journey with Garnier. For more information, click here


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