His & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Looks


January 28, 2020
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A deep dive into the pair’s fashion and beauty looks

When we decided to put Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla on our January cover, we knew that we’d be met with a little confusion. Why this pair? Did we get the wrong Gabby? Is this a new love team to look out for? Questions and quote-tweets poured as we culled questions from fans on our shoot day until…well, they haven’t exactly stopped yet. Despite the initial confusion and the ruffling of love team loyalists’ feathers, this month proved that there’s a special kind of fun that comes with shooting a non-romantic his-and-hers cover. 

Gabby and Khalil co-starred in Dead Kids, the first Filipino Netflix film directed by Mikhail Red. Along with Kelvin Miranda, Vance Larena, Jan Silverio, Markus Paterson and Sue Ramirez, the film set the tone for the ensemble’s genuine friendship––one so real it trickled all the way down to our shoot with our cover stars. Instead of the lovey-dovey arms around waists, what we got was flexed, tatted-up biceps. Instead of soft smiles and lovestruck looks, we asked for candid expressions and their best gangster poses. And instead of perfectly paired couple fashion, we had Gabby and Khalil decked out in twinning fashion and beauty looks.

Ahead, we break down how to get the looks sported by Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla on their Wonder cover.

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Fashion: Wardrobe Staples x The 80s

His & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Looks

Ahead of our cover shoot every month, Nicole, Wonder's resident stylist and Content Lead for Fashion, and I sit down to discuss our plans for fashion and beauty looks. By the time we had ironed out who our cover stars would be, she'd already set her sights on a sharp, chic hybrid between wardrobe staples (think blazers, tank tops and all those quintessential pieces even the best of us can't live without) and the bold, iconic style of the 1980s. Festive enough for the new year, versatile enough to be crafted into his-and-hers looks.

See, the thing about twinning outfits is that they don't need to be identical. Case in point: the first look we shot, which featured a polished khaki blazer for Gabby, and a matching one in a stark red for Khalil. At first glance, the looks look drastically different thanks to the diverse palette and scene-stealing print on Gabby's dress. However, a closer look reveals common threads: the outerwear, the button-down, the sparkly glasses that give the #2020vision hashtag everyone abused in the new year a run for its money.

Also worth zeroing in on are the looks styled specifically for Gabby and Khalil's solo layouts. The little black dress took a dramatic turn with the high slit and unexpected texture of Gabby's Sassa Jimenez gown, while Khalil channeled some serious heartbreaker energy in his all-Penshoppe bad boy get-up.

His & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover LooksHis & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Looks

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Beauty: What’s Mine is Yours

His & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Looks

Big twin energy remained constant even in the beauty department, with the singular brief to makeup artist Ida Siasoco being, “Whatever makeup you give one of them, do the exact same to the other.”

We warmed things up with a classic boy beat––think clean skin, thick, brushed up brows and an oh-so-subtle touch of color on the lips. The pared back makeup gave way to our interpretation of the near-omnipresent fringe Gabby has sported in her recent roles (almost as much of a constant as the school uniforms she wears). This intentional minimalism also kept the spotlight on the true superstar of our favorite layout: the makeshift faux tattoo sleeves, styled on the spot with Tattumundo tattoo sheets.

Gabby Padilla is no stranger to exaggerated blush. If our previous cover featuring the actress had her sporting saturated pink blush, gelled-down locks and a particularly indulgent air to her, this month's take on the hyper flush is something of a reprise. Serving up twice the sunburnt goodness, we built off of Khalil and Gabby's boy beat bases, amping up their looks with a generous helping of blush in two different shades: a moody wine on Gabby and a warm, fresh-off-the-beach coral on Khalil.

His & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover LooksHis & Hers: How to Nail Khalil Ramos and Gabby Padilla’s Wonder Cover Looks

Like what you see? Check out the rest of the looks (and clock in a good read while you're at it!) from Wonder's cover story of the month. 

Photography Jerick Sanchez

Art and Art Direction Alexandra Lara

Fashion Direction and Styling Nicole Blanco Ramos

Beauty Direction Cessi Treñas

Grooming Ida Siasoco

Hair JA Feliciano

Production Wonder

Location Chroma Studio

Special Thanks Tattumundo

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