Build A Fit: Play Your Queencards Like (G)I-DLE

Build A Fit: Play Your Queencards Like (G)I-DLE

Be your own “Queenka” when you replicate (G)I-DLE’s looks



The 2020s. We’ve all moved on from butterfly patterns, furry everythings and tiny sunglasses. The verdict on low-rise jeans is still 50/50, but seems like we’re moving on to the rise of grunge or extreme love for moto-dressing (as popularized by Diesel). But in the realm of K-pop, the kitschiness of the Y2K aesthetic is alive, and the ones playing their Queencards right is (G)I-DLE.


For their latest bop, Miyeon, Soyeon, Shuha, Minnie and Yuqi play the part of the Queen Bees, or in this case Queenkas, in impeccable Y2K styles. They took out everything we all hated about the 2000s and turned it into next-level glamor. Heck, they might even convince us to copy some things we swore we’d never wear again. Thinking of playing your Queencards just like the girls? Scroll ahead for some ideas.


Minnie’s pink paradise


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FYI, Barbiecore is still in. Why not do it like Minnie, whose pink fur ensemble leaves us gagged. For a party-friendly option, switch out the fur with shiny, glittery sequins to keep the attention all on you. Remember: finish it off with a Cowgirl boot. Go big or go home, amirite?



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Yuqi’s daring choice of jorts


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Look, we never thought we’d see the day when slim-fit Bermuda shorts were in again. But look at Yuqi, whose look is giving 2000s-era Britney. We understand the concern, though—it might look better on her because, hey, she’s a K-pop star. So instead of slim fits, look for a relaxed pair to make it 2020s-friendly. But don’t be afraid to experiment; pair it with some bling from head-to-hip-to-toe.




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Miyeon’s all-knit wonder


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Not going to lie, we can’t stop thinking about Miyeon’s all-blue lace ensemble. If you can’t find a close set like hers, opt for color coordinating instead. Pair a baby blue tee with a dark denim mini-skirt, offset by a white lace cardigan—the same flawless effect!



Shuha’s bear-y cute outfit


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Look, we aren’t into the camo pattern either. It’s one part of the 2000s we’d rather leave in the past. But the rest of the ensemble? Hella summer-and-beyond-friendly. Here’s how we’re adapting Shuhua’s bear-y adorable ‘fit for walking down the street.



Soyeon’s beach-ready ensemble


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It’s still hot girl summer as far as Soyeon’s concerned, so this look from their Queencard promotions sticks the landing. Whether you’re dipping your toes into the sand or trying to show up amid the humidity, Soyeon’s sunshine outfit is great inspo.



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Whose outfit are you copping? Let us know in the comments below!



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