Basic But Cute: Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Back Cashmere Sweaters with Guest In Residence

Basic But Cute: Gigi Hadid Is Bringing Back Cashmere Sweaters with Guest In Residence

Supermodel Gigi Hadid can now add “Creative Director” and “Brand Owner” to her résumé



Sweater weather is finally upon us. Despite that, meaning it’ll be wet and rainy for the next couple of months, we welcome this season of layering and thick cozy clothing that you don’t need much air-conditioning for. So, if you haven’t brought out your favorite knits, or styled your turtlenecks and sweaters, what are you waiting for? The time is now.


One of the pieces that require a rather chilly climate is cashmere. Soft and buttery to the touch, cashmere is also warm to wear. The beauty though of this fabric is that it stands the test of time—they can be heirloom pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. And it’s for that very reason (or at least one of the reasons) why Gigi Hadid started her own line of cashmere pieces.



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Intriguingly called Guest In Residence, the brand by the blonde and green-eyed supermodel features a variety of fun yet classic pieces all made of 100% cashmere. “I hope that these pieces can be ones that people try to restyle and find a lot of different ways into their personal style,” Gigi tells Thus, the debut collection is highly wearable and “basic” but definitely not one you’d get rid of after a season or two. The vision for Guest In Residence is to really create pieces that will last and effortlessly fit into anyone’s wardrobe. If anything, the brand’s campaign that features iconic Vogue Fashion Editor and stylist Grace Coddington, model Aaron Rose Philip and even Indian-American designer Waris Ahluwalia is proof of that promise.



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In that same interview with Elle, the model talks more of the brand’s unlikely name and how it’s actually inspired by her many travels all over the world. “‘No matter where I was a guest in residence—I always managed to find a home in myself—my internal residence of sorts,’” shared Hadid in a press release. “I strived to remain grounded despite the existential feeling that we are guests on this planet, and in our bodies…That we are guests in our clothes. That those clothes have passed through hands and may have had previous lives—and quite certainly will have future lives…The genesis of Guest in Residence is to honor the past heirlooms and give life to new ones spanning generations.’”



From “shrunken” polo tops to oversized cardigans, Guest In Residence has them in every color that will never go out of style. We also appreciate the unisex categories that were labeled besides the gender-typical men’s and women’s labels. Because why restrict the wearer, right? The website is also remarkably easy to shop and once you turn on your location settings you’ll be able to shop (or at least browse) each piece in Philippine Peso. But before you let your jaw drop because of the price points, do realize these are investment pieces you can ROI from multiple use and when you finally pass them on to your children and great-grandchildren. Besides, you can’t expect something budget-friendly from a brand with Gigi Hadid’s name attached to it!


Below, we run down some of the pieces worth investing in if you’ve got your eyes on looking for a premium knitted piece for the brisk weather ahead.


What to Shop from Guest In Residence

Shrunken Polo

Shrunken Polo in Steel, P13,686


We love this clever idea that the sizing of this piece has been shrunken to size so you don’t need to worry about it becoming one size smaller after wash! Besides that, the silhouette is timeless and preppy, and can be worn no matter the season.


Carpenter Jogger

Carpenter Jogger in Almond (P29,828)


A cozy jogger you can wear in and out of the house? Do you need more convincing?


Oversized Crew Sweater

Oversized Crew Sweater in Lime, P20,705


This piece comes in a variety of colors and we can’t stress enough that every colorway is a must-have! It ranges from the basic black and gray to fun hues like neon green and watermelon red!


Waffle Knit Polo

Waffle Knit Polo in Lime, P25,617


If you’re one for texture, this piece is versatile enough to wear to presentations but can be dressed down for a retro-inspired quirky ‘fit!


Everywear Cardigan

Everywear Cardigan in Almond, P25,617


Cardigans will never go out of style and if you’re looking to get yourself one in 100% cashmere, why not opt for this piece that’s Gigi-approved? We also love its fit that has the right slouch and relaxed silhouette that’ll match anything in your closet.


Everywear Pant

Everywear Pant in Black, P29,126


Yes, they have pants, too! Cashmere pants are a rarity but Guest In Residence provides in such a comfy but tailored fit.


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Any instant faves from Guest in Residence? Leave it in the comments below!


Words Maura Rodriguez

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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