Giltbox: For The Busy, Particular & Beauty Obsessed

Giltbox: For The Busy, Particular & Beauty Obsessed

Beauty has come far since its relatively humble beginnings—but now you don’t need to go distances for the right product. Giltbox offers a personalized approach to beauty without that hassle



If you have even a slight interest in beauty and grooming, you have a glimpse of how deep the waters run. Even dipping your toes in the industry—whether as an admirer or user—prepares you for the swim. Sometimes it seems like there’s no way out, no way to survive but to keep swimming.


But hey, it gets tiring. Every new product release could make or break your routine, could cause a breakout or be the last step to glowing skin. Well, we’re here to throw you a little raft, a comfortable life vest, a boat.


Giltbox, a lifestyle subscription box service that delivers right to your doorstep, is back—hopefully for good.


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Knowing completely well that the market and its needs are constantly changing, Giltbox is back and better than ever. It boasts delivering a personalized beauty box to each of its customers and makes do on the promise.


Starting things off with a subscriber’s beauty profile, Giltbox specifies products based on a specific need. A specialized system gets its hands dirty as it gets to know each unique individual and matches them with a set of products that aim to make life feel and look more beautiful.


Four times a month, you’ll be greeted by a happy little sample box to try out. Trust us, these may be samples but they’ll last you for a good amount of time. Moreover, there is a good number of products with every unboxing. You only really need about seven days to see what works for you and what doesn’t, anyway.


So if it doesn’t work for you, then throw it away. If it does, however, Giltbox gives you an easy way to buy the full-sized versions of your new finds—without the shipping fee.


Easily get your hands on dozens of international favorites and some of their most well-loved products. We’re talking the likes of Benefit Cosmetics, Clinique, Mary Kay, Colorpop, Abercrombie & Fitch and so much more. And whether you’re more into grooming or beauty, you’ll get your hands full—quite literally.


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Men, fear not. Giltbox hasn’t forgotten you. Science has proven time and time again that female skin and male skin differs, and you need to know that your needs are being met, too. What better time to start pampering yourself than now?


What else do you need? Head over to Giltbox now to start your next beauty journey—nothing but the best and personalized just for you.



Art Alexandra Lara

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