Wreck These Kicks: Meet The Gobstomper by MSCHF

Wreck These Kicks: Meet The Gobstomper by MSCHF

Scuff your heart (read: shoes) out with the Gobstomper!



Between you and me, we all know that a usual practice in the sneakerhead community is keeping your kicks clean and pristine. Much like any other collection and investment, you want to keep it in mint condition for as long as you can. Hence regular cleaning sessions, sole protectors, scrub solutions and the general avoidance of movements that crease or wear out the shoe. It’s like a designer bag—the better you maintain it, the higher the better the resale value. But what about a shoe made to be worn out? Well, meet the Gobstomper, the brainchild of Jimmy Fallon and New York-based art collective MSCHF.



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Yes, you heard right, Gobstomper. Inspired by the signature Gobstopper jawbreaker candy, The Tonight Show host’s shoe collaboration with MSCHF reveals more colors as layers get scratched off. So what starts as a clean skater shoe gives way to vibrant blues, reds and yellows the more it gets worn and torn—just like the candy. Rinse and repeat, and it unveils another color for a striking and hypnotic thermal effect. In addition, the shoe’s tongue has MSCHF’s signature “!!!” label up front and Jimmy Fallon’s face right under it.


In case you didn’t know, MSCHF is the company behind a couple of daring projects. First, MSCHF made a pair of Nike AirMax-looking footwear called the Jesus Shoe. Next, they teamed up with Lil Nas X for the polarizing Satan shoe that contains a drop of the artist’s blood. The design studio also created an almost-distorted, Nike AirForce 1-inspired shoe called the Super Normal, and its taped-up black version called the TAP3. Their most recent project? The viral Eat The Rich popsicles featuring the internet’s most hated (and memed) billionaires.



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While MSCHF-designed projects dabble on the more shocking side, the creation of the Gobstomper is nothing short of inventive. This shoe aims to make them worth running down to the ground until it ultimately falls apart. But if anything, the Gobstomper lets its bearers get a bang for their buck.


The Gobstomper drops on July 28th EST via the MSCHF app, retailing for USD195. If you plan on copping it yourself, it converts to roughly P10,900. But if you want to check out other kicks, this list might help you out on your hunt.


In the event you cop a pair of Gobstompers, how do you plan to wear them out? Chime in the comments below!



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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