Curated for Sensitive Skin, Less Is More with Goto Beauty

Curated for Sensitive Skin, Less Is More with Goto Beauty

The Collective introduces Japanese brand Goto Beauty



With cult favorite brands like Anessa, Momo Puri and Bioré so easily accessible in our neighborhood Watsons and department stores, it’s proven that Filipino beauty junkies have a soft spot for Japanese Beauty AKA J-Beauty. With its thrust on minimalist skincare, it’s perfect for lazy folks who want to get out of the door stat, but don’t want to sacrifice the effectiveness of their routine.


Introducing Goto Beauty, the J-Beauty brand thoughtfully curated for people with sensitive skin, exclusively available on beauty e-commerce platform The Collective. We’re giving our skin a hard reset with three star products—the Foaming Clay Active Cleanser, Balancing and Hydrating Toner, and Face Moisturizer. Purposely crafted by experts using timeless skin practices, Goto Beauty aims to protect, renew and heal skin’s health.


Get to know their products ahead:


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Foaming Clay Active Cleanser (P1,350)


We’re starting with the basics. This well-balanced clay-based facial cleanser from Goto Beauty is thoughtfully formulated with bentonite clay to effectively remove excess oil and dirt from your pores, which in turn, helps combat breakouts. It gently detoxifies and deeply cleanses skin while keeping it hydrated and firm.


Shop the Foaming Clay Active Cleanser on The Collective.


Balancing and Hydrating Toner (P1530)


For that extra boost of hydration, the Balancing and Hydrating Toner makes skin uber-plump and prepares it for the next steps ahead. Formulated with hero ingredient niacinamide, it protects skin from environmental stressors and minimizes the appearance of pores, too.


Pro-tip: Skip the cotton pad and pat directly on skin!


Shop the Balancing and Hydrating Toner on The Collective.


Face Moisturizer (P1680)


Finish off your AM and PM routine with the hydrating Face Moisturizer that packs a punch and protects skin’s natural barrier. Revel in its non-sticky, fast-absorbing texture and its stellar formula that renews, detoxifies and smoothes skin.


Shop the Balancing and Hydrating Toner on The Collective.


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What are you copping from Goto Beauty? Shop it exclusively on The Collective.



Photos Goto Beauty

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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