Cost-Efficient Color Maintenance: DIY Your Color Conditioner at Home

Cost-Efficient Color Maintenance: DIY Your Color Conditioner at Home

Who said color maintenance needs to break the bank?



We all know that the biggest con of having vividly colored hair is the effort needed to maintain it. If blondes have to tone every now and then with purple shampoo, those with unconventional hair colors also have their fair share of extra routines to keep their colors vibrant. While regular dye jobs at home are the answer, using permanent or semi-permanent dye still makes your hair susceptible to built-up damage. So for others, color-depositing products do the trick. It maintains the pigment while extending the gap between dye sessions.


Before (left) and after (right) using colored conditioner

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Luckily, hair color maintenance doesn’t need to break the bank because you can easily do it at home. Sure, ready-made ones exist, but if your hair is a customized hue, it’s better to do it yourself. Up ahead, we give you the 411 on DIY-ing color depositing conditioner to keep your mane character moment.


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What you need

The main things you need are: some trusty conditioner and semi-permanent hair dye. Not temporary, semi-permanent, AKA a product that will stay on your hair for more than one wash. Shampooing often strips away some color in every wash, so it’s better to offset it with a tinted conditioner so your hair stays pigmented, nourished and protected.


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After these, you need a container to mix everything in. This is just optional, but it’s better to use a container with a bigger mouth. At least with the likes of a tupperware or a Mason Jar, you can easily avoid spills and accidents. And of course, a dye brush for mixing everything together.


What to do

First thing’s first, get your leftover hair dye ready. Concoct your custom hue with the help of color theory and a bit of experimentation. Swatch your dye mixture on a piece of paper or tissue until you get your desired shade. But if your hair color doesn’t really need some major mixing and adjustments, you can get straight to the main event.


There’s no exact golden ratio in creating this, so let your gut and preferences guide you throughout the process. The only rule of thumb you need is: make the product pigmented enough to refresh the color without it staining skin and clothes. It’s a little hard for first-timers, so use the conditioner as your base. Mix in some hair dye little by little before you get your desired consistency and pigment.


Take time to combine the mixture thoroughly for an even color. Don’t sacrifice this step, because it’ll make or break your conditioner.


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How to use it

Using color-depositing conditioner doesn’t really need much of a process. Just shower and shampoo, like usual, before leaving it on for ideally three to five minutes. It can stay on longer depending on your preferences. For humans with longer locks, ensure that you’ve covered all sections of your hair for even application.


Still looking for foolproof ways to maintain your hair color? We’ve got a couple more tips and tricks to protect your mane.


  1. Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Heat opens the hair cuticle, dries the strands out and washes away the pigment. While we all love unwinding with steaming showers, sacrifice the temperature to keep your locks nourished.
  2. Squeeze out excess water before applying. Water might dilute the dye, whether it’s a much-needed retouch session or a refreshing use of colored conditioner. As much as possible, remove excess water by towel drying your hair before applying colored conditioner.


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Looking for more things to DIY? Try out giving yourself a gel manicure or some nourishing hair masks.



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