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10 Makeup Artists to Check out for Halloween Makeup Inspiration

10 Makeup Artists to Check out and Follow for Halloween Makeup Inspiration

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Getting head-to-toe ready for Halloween is never without a well-thought-out makeup look



As the 31st creeps, skulks and slithers its way closer, what similarly draws to a close is the window of opportunity to answer the season’s burning question: what to go as for Halloween this year?


For the go-all-out types and Heidi Klums of this world, planning can go as far as a year in advance (where the big costume reveal is its own event altogether). For moderately invested Halloweenies on the other hand, weeks or days of planning get the job done albeit not as extra.


Regardless, the end goal is, come peak spook season, to look dressed to the nightmarish nines and dressed to distress––something that just cannot be done without the perfect makeup look to tie everything together. Oftentimes, makeup is what sells the costume, makes it or breaks it. Just take a look at Colton Haynes’ winning take on The Little Mermaid’s Ursula or Julianne Hough’s cringe-worthy black face incident on the disastrous flipside.


Whether well-thought-out or the last-minute, makeup is the one surefire way to elevate any Halloween costume. There’s no need to spring for brand-new beauty products or look beyond the ‘Gram for inspiration either. Those unassuming Instagram tiles are rife with Halloween makeup inspiration provided by professional makeup artists themselves; Halloween wear-hunting folks only need to know where to look.


Consider this a litmus test for what can work and what won’t fly on Halloween, a preview of what you can put your own realistic spin on or a selection of pegs you can have a makeup artist recreate. What’s great is the local artists included in the roundup below can be commissioned to do Halloween makeup, too. (Why not creep into their DM’s while you’re here?)


Rebecca Seals

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There’s just one more thing we need to do, coraline🗝 _ 📸 by my literal creative soulmate @dmpphoto – I couldn’t have done any of this without him. – if you repost, please take the time to credit us both🖤 _ • @nyxcosmetics sfx black + white crème color paints + milk pencil _ • @katvondbeauty white out concealer + dagger tattoo liner + witches lipstick _ • @sugarpill tako eyeshadow to set the whites _ • @anastasiabeverlyhills noir shadow to set the blacks _ • @morphebrushes 35 palette to shade the chest bones _ • @powderroomd velvet lace front wig _____________________________ #kvdlook #morphebabe #othermother #coraline #anastasiabeverlyhills #sugarpill #nyxcosmetics #halloweenideas #halloweenmakeup

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Katchie Mejias


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Leo Velasco


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infected Makeup for Sam Pinto in La Luna Sangre. #Tawonglipod #sfxmakeup #prosthetics #sampinto

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Min Ortiz


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Chuchie Ledesma



Kimberley Margarita



Sylvina Lopez


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Jarty Mercardo


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Zidjian Paul Floro


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Erika Marie


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Here’s to turning looks and stunting pretty on Halloween.



Featured Image Rebecca Seals

Art Alexandra Lara

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