Happy Skin’s New Beauty Line As Told By A Non-Beauty Girl

Happy Skin’s New Beauty Line As Told By A Non-Beauty Girl

Because the years are coming on really fast



The rest of my friends might have gotten onto the beauty train years ago, but I’m a late bloomer and I still haven’t bought my own ticket. Fortunately for me, someone handed me one in the shape of Happy Skin’s new Oil Control kit. That’s right, ladies, one of our favorite local makeup brands has finally made the natural expansion into skincare.


Happy Skin


First things first and a few disclaimers.

  1. I didn’t use any other products other than Happy Skin’s a) facial cleanser, 2) mattifying ampoule and 3) oil-controlling moisturizer
  2. I only used them at night
  3. I responsibly applied them to a makeup free face
  4. I totally missed two nights over the weekend because I fell asleep at a friend’s house and continued that sleep virtually uninterrupted when I got home


It looks like your skin drank water


On the day that I got the kit, I got some advice from wiser friends. They taught me that ampoule is a stronger form of serum, that I should apply the products in cleanser > ampoule > moisturizer order and that I needed to add toner into the mix (but that the 3-step kit was good enough to start with).


And here are the awkward pre-Happy Skin beauty regimen photos.



And here are the equally-awkward photos from seven days after.



So, did it work? I honestly can’t say that I saw visual results myself and no one has commented on my skin whether to praise it or otherwise. But when I asked point blank if they saw a difference, I did get some interesting feedback.


Someone said it looked like my skin drank a glass of water; she even asked if I added highlighter into my daily makeup routine. FYI, I did not.


Another said my skin looked plump and hydrated.


Another pointed out that it isn’t all about the visual and that it’s about the feeling, too.


My skin feels bouncy and I honestly loved looking at the mirror at the end of day and I’ve washed my face with the cleanser. Not to toot my own horn, but my skin looked fresh and clean and just generally healthier. Usually when I wash my makeup off, I feel a little dull and unawake. But the past few days have helped me embrace my bare face.


The ampoule was weird because I felt like it dried out before I even had a chance to slather it on my face. The moisturizer, on the other hand, needed little help covering everything that needed covering (which includes the neck, as I have learned).


But right from the get-go, every time I would get into bed and (omg) touch my face, it felt youthful—kind of like touching my 5-year-old niece’s face.

*not my niece (lol)


Did Happy Skin’s beauty line show this self-proclaimed non-beauty girl the light? Kind of. Am I going to continue it? Yes (and that includes when the samples run out).


Sometimes you just need a little push to start something you should have started a long time ago. Besides, the years are coming on fast and I’m finally willing to fight them off.


Art Alexandra Lara


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