Grace and Gratitude: Heart Evangelista’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

Grace and Gratitude: Heart Evangelista’s Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

Heart Evangelista becomes Pond’s Philippines’ longest-running endorser



For a decade, Heart Evangelista has been a part of the Pond’s Philippines family. She officially became the longest-running endorser of the brand with a contract renewal signing last February 3 at Manila House, Taguig, with GMA executives and members of the press present.


Whether she’s working on her beauty & wellness brand, shooting TVCs or appearing at Fashion Week, the style icon is one of the most hard-working women in the industry, constantly finding ways to redefine herself “while staying the same.” Her go-to skincare brand, Pond’s, helps her achieve healthy, glowing and youthful-looking skin through it all. 


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On celebrating 10 years with a timeless brand like Pond’s, Heart is more than grateful for the continued trust and support. “I don’t think I [have] the most perfect track record. I’ve gone through a lot in my life, but to be a part of a family like Pond’s who has been there for me in every chapter of my life is just wonderful and, of course, GMA. They really came into my life at a specific time [when] I needed a home and I needed guidance. They were such huge angels that rescued me at a certain time—I think I was 21 at the time—it just all makes sense now,” she reveals during the intimate gathering. 


Having been in the industry for decades, Heart carries grace and gratitude with her, which help her overcome challenges. She notes, “What I love about Pond’s is that, here in the Philippines, when you say a ‘role model,’ usually people think you have to be perfect. But we have proven that it’s about living your life, making mistakes, carrying yourself with grace…I’m just very, very grateful to be part of a family that really embraces my most authentic self.”



She adds, “I think what really keeps me at peace or what keeps me together is I’m always grateful…In a sense, I’m aware that the possibilities are endless, but I also believe in destiny. If something’s not for you, I’m not the type to force it. I go with the punches and work really, really hard. I do allow myself to relax, but I really am a go-getter. I make the most out of life.” 


Heart Evangelista’s best-kept beauty tips 

Heart keeps her feet on the ground no matter where life takes her—even if that’s jet-setting to the fashion capital of the world. To keep her youthful glow, she religiously uses Pond’s Age Miracle Line to keep her skin “smooth and camera-ready.”


While many people love the plakado look, Heart reveals that she actually doesn’t use foundation! She uses her favorite essence—Pond’s Age Miracle Ultimate Youth Essence—as a makeup primer and then finishes off with powder. She reveals, “Usually when you say anything [anti-aging], it’s super thick and heavy…I swear by [the essence] because I use it every day. It’s the lightest [product]; you hardly feel it’s there!”


She adds, “I use [the product] as a primer; it really gives you that glow. In fact, I don’t wear foundation! Today I’m just using powder and sunblock…I also use it on my neck, my elbows and my knees.” She jests, “Sulit na sulit ‘yung pinapadala [nila] sa’kin, no joke (The products they send me are worth it, no joke). I use it everywhere!”



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To stay looking youthful, Heart still considers prevention as key. She notes, “I think with everything, it’s also prevention and consistency…You have to be consistent with everything you do—with what you eat, how much water you [take in] a day, hours of sleeping, really making time for yourself.” 


Still, at the end of the day, self-love is her best-kept beauty secret. Heart says, “It’s true what they say, you really have to love yourself. You have to prioritize yourself. No matter how busy you are, you have to allot time to just do your skincare at night. Being vain isn’t necessarily a sin; you owe it to yourself.”  


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Photos Ryan Ong for Pond’s Philippines

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver 


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