I May Never Need Lash Extensions or a Manicure Again—Here’s Why

I May Never Need Lash Extensions or a Manicure Again—Here’s Why

The Luxx Lash Holiday Beauty Kit is bringing back the holiday cheer in full force

When I wanted my first haircut in nine months, it took an eternity for me to finally book a salon appointment. Even with my fringe awkwardly framing my face and the tips of my hair hanging fussily over my mid-back, I put it off for weeks on end because I was scared. Intimidated, perhaps, by the thought of having to be physically close to a stranger while they snipped away for a good hour or so. Thinking about it now makes me laugh a little, because last year I was constantly in and out of salons—indulging in the wonders of bleaching and dyeing and manicures. It's funny what almost a full year indoors can do to you.

Despite having my fair share of reservations about stepping outside the front door, I'll admit that I miss normalcy as much as the next person. And maybe, just maybe, finally stepping inside a salon amplified that longing. It's the little things that punctuated the old normal with little pockets of escape after all: the after-work massage detours, the weekend mani-pedis, the perfectionism that went into keeping our brows and lashes in check. Thankfully, I've found an express ticket to enjoying a little slice of this pre-lockdown glamour at home, just in time for the holidays.


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Introducing Luxx Lash's Holiday Beauty Kit. The ultimate self-pampering experience-in-a-box, this nifty little kit contains the recipe to elevating your holiday-at-home look: luxurious lashes and DIY nail art.

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Glam Made Easy

Like their name lets on, Luxx Lash is best known for their false eyelashes. The kicker: they're not only reusable (hello, sustainability!) but also easy and accessible. Doing away with (literally) sticky lash glue-induced situations, Luxx Lash brings premium reusable eyelashes that can be worn with a simple swipe of adhesive liner or a quick click-and-attach of magnetic falsies.

Luxx Lash has two lines for your consideration: the Luxx Magnetic Lashes and the Luxx Liner and Lashes. The former features top and bottom lashes that click right into place, and can be used up to 60 times. Like any beauty mainstay, there's a slight learning curve to the Luxx Magnetic Lashes, but a few practice runs eventually spell long-lashed perfection.

Meanwhile, the Luxx Liner and Lashes, reusable up to 30 times, feature an adhesive eyeliner and a pair of matching eyelashes. As far as preferences go, I found myself reaching for the Luxx Liner and Lashes—which conveniently come in a #LuxxLineAndLash Bundle—when I found the time to test-drive a soft, holiday-ready look.

I May Never Need Lash Extensions or a Manicure Again—Here's WhyI May Never Need Lash Extensions or a Manicure Again—Here's Why
A little before-and-after featuring Luxx Lash's Luxx Liner and Lashes

This year has put many aspects of my day-to-day into perspective, and how I perceive my beauty routine is no exception. I, too, fell into the trap of online shopping one too many times and watched my purchases grow alarmingly fast, so I've since tried to make amends by making smarter beauty decisions. Perhaps that's why I've been iffy when it comes to falsies: beyond how time-consuming your run-of-the-mill pair of falsies can be, their single-use quality just makes them so wasteful.

Luxx Lash offers a long-term fix. With top-tier reusable eyelashes in a variety of styles, all it took to give my look that cherry on top was a single click of their falsies. Did I mention that they're vegan and cruelty-free?

Say Hello to STYX

I May Never Need Lash Extensions or a Manicure Again—Here's Why

The next step to the holiday glam prep: nails. But now that manicures are off the table for the foreseeable future, I'll be opting for a quick and easy DIY option, STYX by Luxx.

Luxx Lash's line of nail wraps carries over the same philosophy as its hero product: cruelty- and mess-free. Add the fact that this makeshift manicure lasts looks professionally done, and well, consider me sold. Select designs are also a collaborative effort between Luxx Lash and homegrown artists, making an impressive case for wearable art.

Each STYX by Luxx kit comes with 16 adhesive nail polish strips, a mini nail file and a flat-ended cuticle pusher stick. The application process is equally as straightforward: simply file your nails to your desired shape, select an appropriately sized wrap for each nail, peel off the protective adhesive and stick the nail wrap in place. Using the cuticle pusher, flatten out the nail wrap to ensure that there are no small folds and wrinkling, and file it all down to size with the mini nail file!

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Bring back a little glitz into the holiday season. You (and your loved ones!) deserve it. Luxx Lash's Holiday Beauty Kits come in four iterations: the customizable Instant Holiday Party Beauty Kit, the Celebration In A Snap Beauty Kit and At-Home Celebration Beauty Kit, and the curated Holidays At Home Beauty Kit that contains Luxx Lash's all-stars. Each holiday-ready kit is made to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle—and fill the void that the salon treatments we once loved have left behind.

Explore all Luxx Lash's Magnetic Lashes, Liner Lashes and STYX by Luxx styles online! Enjoy 20% savings on Luxx Lash's Holiday Beauty Kits when you check out via their website.

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Special thanks to Luxx Lash


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